USA: The Founding Elite vs. The Current Elite

USA: The Founding Elite vs. The Current Elite. By Thaddeus McCotter.

While the founding elite’s goal was the expansion of human freedom, the current elite’s aim is the curtailment of human freedom. Proselytizing its mantra of “diversity, inclusivity, and equity,” (DIE) the current elite, through Trojan horse maneuvers, seeks to coerce the citizenry into the DIE cult. …

Unlike the founding generation whose luminaries believed in the universal aspiration if not always the universal practice — of liberty and God-given rights, the current elite espouses that DNA is destiny; and they will decide whose DNA is more favored than others on the intersectionality spectrum of grievances and victimhood. …

But why?

To protect their wealth, power, and privilege, of course.

In an era resounding with cries against elitists, the current ruling class knows they are in the populist crosshairs — and this targeting is coming from elements within both major parties. The situation is still manageable for them, but only if Left (Sanders supporters) and Right (MAGA) do not combine to curb the elitists in both the private and public sectors.

The Democrats are the best vehicle for this purpose:

So how best to divide the opposition? Become strange bedfellows with the only party willing and able to go all the way to crony socialism: the Democrats and their DIE cult.

As noted previously, the Democratic Party’s powerbrokers aren’t democratic. Despite their professed concern for the downtrodden, today’s Democratic Party leaders hold that such “concern” can only be exercised by a top-down administrative monolith governed by a ruling elite who arbitrarily and capriciously dole out patronage and privileges and redistribute wealth to expand and perpetuate their power. The current elite — the vast majority of whom already identify with them and participate in the scheme — could find no better partner than the Democrats’ powerbrokers onto which to graft themselves in the pursuit of transforming our republic into “our oligarchy.” …

Such a downfall from 1776:

The current elite must prevent Left- and Right- populists from combining and devising and implementing the means to bring elites to heel; and, consequently, safeguard liberty, equality, and prosperity in our republic. …

Talk about disparate visions. The founding elite risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to rebel against a tyrannical government to expand human liberty. The current elite has protected its wealth, power, and privilege by abetting a tyrannical government to curtail human liberty.

Class warfare writ large, for the early 21st century.