Symbols of Communism Should Be Regarded Like The Swastika

Symbols of Communism Should Be Regarded Like The Swastika. By Tom Knighton.

No one would think about wearing a swastika — especially when it’s clear they’re doing it in reference to the Nazis and not any of the myriads of other cultures that used the symbol before them — unless they wanted to offend and insult. Moreover, people who do so know they’re being provocative and expect some degree of pushback. …

But how do we react to the hammer and sickle? I don’t have to write an article explaining the millions of deaths that occurred at the hands of communist regimes; like the Holocaust, the gulags of the Soviet Union and killing fields of Cambodia are widely known.

Yet journalists in the UK openly and proudly advocate communism. Statues of Karl Marx are erected. Even in the US, historically one of the most passionately anti-communist states in history, there is a statue of Vladimir Lenin in the northwestern city of Seattle.

So why exactly do we treat two equally bloody ideologies in such starkly different ways? …

What I want to see is the Soviet flag treated with the same disdain as the Nazi flag. More than that, though, I want to extend that to all the symbols of communism.

Look, people are disgusted with Nazis, as they should be, yet Stalin likely thought Hitler’s genocide was amateur hour and Mao thought it was just downright adorable. Compared to the communist leaders’ body counts, Hitler was a piker, despite his outright evil.

And it’s not like Jews were treated well under Stalin, either.

So there’s absolutely no reason for this ideology to be remotely tolerated.


Socially unacceptable

Should be as uncool as Adolph Hitler.

How can anyone openly display the Soviet flag or the Chinese flag or the portrait of Che Guevera and believe anything but how evil these symbols actually are?

These symbols need to be stigmatized. They need to be treated with the disdain that such evil deserves.

Moreover, those who support them need to be treated as little different than the neo-Nazis we all generally scorn. After all, both are followers of failed, vile, genocidal ideologies, and frankly, it’s time we all started acting like it. ..

Communism will always result in death, famine, and poverty for all but a select group of elites. That’s because human nature is a thing and it’s not going away anytime soon. People in power are going to seek out perks. In communist societies, those perks are going to be bigger and better. That’s just how it is.