Dems are losing the multiracial working class on basic lifestyle issues

Dems are losing the multiracial working class on basic lifestyle issues. By Glenn Reynolds.

The Democrats have a problem: They have run away from their core voters. And they are beginning to notice and worry. …

Thus, in the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump — despite being called a white supremacist and a Hispanic-hater by all the mainstream media — picked up black and Hispanic votes.

One reason for this is that racial polarization went down, but “education polarization” went up. The Democrats are increasingly the party of the college- and graduate-school-educated white gentry class. The Republicans are increasingly the party of the working class, which includes a lot of … blacks and Hispanics.

Just look at the issues the Democrats are pushing: defunding the police, which hurts mostly poor and working-class neighborhoods; critical race theory, which mostly interests woke white activists (and rich-and-guilty Dem donors) but which actually sends a message of inferiority to minority youths; gender ideology, which plays less well among the more traditional and more religious working-class minorities; environmental policies that produce higher gas prices and lower employment, while pushing food prices up; open borders that drive down wages for downscale workers; and so on.

Donors and activists love this stuff. They live in neighborhoods that are mostly insulated from urban crime and disorder. Their kids will still be privileged, regardless of what theories on race are popular. Transgender issues make them feel hip and cutting-edge. Higher gas and food prices won’t affect them. And illegal immigration makes sure they don’t have to pay too much for a nannies and gardeners.

For a long time, the Democrats were able to have it both ways, pretending solidarity with the working class while promoting policies that undercut it. But they have overdone things, and now people have noticed. …

Hint hint, Republicans. Don’t join them.

Things like controlling street crime, homelessness, public defecation and drug use, etc. used to be no-brainers for politicians. How many voters, after all, are in favor of those things?

But in Mayor Bill De Blasio’s New York, and in the Democrats’ version of America generally, those things aren’t priorities. Heck, they’re not really even goals.

Voters are pushing back, in the Big Apple and across the country. Democrats are on the defensive, going so far as to try to deny that they supported things like defunding the police, or teaching critical race theory in schools. But voters aren’t that dumb.

If the GOP is smart — I know, a big if — it will run on these issues. Give the voters what they want: An idea so crazy, it just might work.

Woke is a noisy minority of about 10%, who dominate Twitter and serve the interests of the 1% and their professional class. The rest of us are fundamentally opposed to woke. Let’s tell them, while we still have democracies.