Why Saving Comedy Is So Crucial To Saving America

Why Saving Comedy Is So Crucial To Saving America. By Christopher Bedford.

We’re increasingly a society unable to take a joke — or even tell one. Real humor requires risk-taking — it requires saying something that will surprise and, sometimes, appall the listener. So why should we be surprised that humor is vanishing?

People aren’t dumb. They’ve looked around, and they see that telling the wrong joke — or even simply laughing at one — is a quick way to destroy your life; better to just suffer in silence and watch old Eddie Murphy clips from the 1980s like they’re banned readings in the Soviet Union, which, soon, they might well be.

Most of the funniest comedy today comes from anonymous people online — the people who make internet memes and run anonymous Twitter accounts. Think about that: Random idiots on the internet are way funnier than professional comedians paid millions of dollars a year for one simple reason — only anonymous people can actually be funny without fear. …

We can’t even laugh at ourselves anymore, and guess what? We hate each other. Maybe we always did, but every honest funny person knows that good humor is also aggression — and the reason men don’t kill each other more often. We can speak a lot of truth if the others know they can laugh at the end instead of feeling cornered or attacked.

In truth, we can’t speak a lot of troublesome truths without a joke attached unless we want to make a lot of enemies — and that may be just why the same people who are trying to divide us by race and sex don’t want us to bond over a good joke any longer.

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Humor always involves truth and pain. If adherence to the PC fantasies prevents the truth from being spoken, even in jokes, then there is only pain. In the last decade, leftist “comedy” has evolved to simply namecalling and sneering at non-leftists. So dull, attracting only midwits.