What is a nation?

What is a nation? By Vox Populi. How politically incorrect is this?

The real problem is less the anti-Americanism of the Left, but rather the false patriotism of the conservatives, who mindlessly repeat the foreign propaganda that “America is an idea”. …

I’ve often said that America is the only nation in the world founded on an idea. Every other nation in the world is founded on the basis of either that — geography or ethnicity or religion. You can define every — almost everyone else based on those characteristics, but you can’t define America. I defy you to tell me what constitutes an American. You can’t do it. We’re an incredibly diverse democracy.

— Joe Biden, July 3, 2021

Challenge accepted: An American is a descendant of the mostly British men who settled the Thirteen Colonies and fought the War for Independence that is celebrated today. Americans are the Posterity of the Preamble, whose rights are articulated in the United States Constitution, whose “British brethren” were described in the Declaration of Independence, and whose forefathers declared Independence from the King of England. No one else is an American, regardless of what ideas they claim to believe, where they reside, or what paperwork they carry.

Anything else is not only a lie, but a lie that has been weaponized for over a century to weaken and destroy the American nation.