Beijing on the nose with neighbours

Beijing on the nose with neighbours. By Will Glasgow.

President Xi Jinping will celebrate the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary with negative sentiment about China at record levels in its most powerful rival, the US, its most important European partner, Germany, and in its own neighbourhood.

As Mr Xi — who is also the party’s General Secretary — oversees a red centenary parade on Thursday in Beijing, his propaganda machine will have to fend off a jarringly timed new survey of 17 advanced economies by the Washington-based Pew ­Research Centre.

The reviews of China’s strong man leader were even worse than those of the country, with majorities in all but one of the 17 surveyed having little or no confidence in Mr Xi’s handling of world affairs.

The only outlier was Singapore, but even a majority of Singaporese said Mr Xi’s government does not respect the personal freedoms of the Chinese people.

So did thumping majorities in all the populations surveyed.

“In Sweden, South Korea, Australia, The Netherlands, the US and Japan, at least nine in 10 or more hold this opinion,” said Laura Silver, Pew’s senior researcher. …

Those surveyed by Pew — more than 18,000 people in Europe, North America and Asia — were overwhelmingly distrustful of Mr Xi, negative about China and keen to extend privilege economic relations with the US. …

New Zealanders were almost evenly split, while 59 per cent of Australians — battered by the Xi administration’s ongoing trade attacks — picked the US over its biggest export market.

The survey was taken between February and May, and found unfavourable views towards China in America rose this year by 3 per cent to a record 76 per cent.

Unfavourable views about China were also at record levels in Germany, Canada and South Korea.

Everyone loves the CCP.