One Big Shift Shows That Conservatives May Have CRT Proponents on the Run

One Big Shift Shows That Conservatives May Have CRT Proponents on the Run. By Bonchie.

In perhaps the most compelling piece of evidence yet that conservatives are making serious headway, Ibram X. Kendi is completely changing his tune, contradicting his past statements in an obvious attempt to get the right to disengage. …

You don’t make this kind of shift if you believe you are going to win the fight over CRT. Rather, Kendi seems to want to preserve his grift while insisting that it doesn’t include what it obviously includes. That’s something you do if you want to try to goad your opposition into backing off, knowing they have you cornered.

Remember, Kendi’s entire game to this point has been to trap people in a room with no exits, rhetorically speaking. That included painting white people as inherently racist and denoting that any denial of their supposed racism is, in fact, racism. Further, he has asserted that it is not enough to just not be racist, but that you must be an “anti-racist,” which again dictates that the default position is being racist.

With multiple states banning CRT’s teaching in schools, polling showing that it’s not popular at all, and local school boards facing massive pressure to change course, Kendi appears to want to get out of the collapsing building by claiming he was never fighting the battle in the first place.

That’s the cynical game here. Conservatives fight CRT and have success doing so. Then Kendi and the like claim that what conservatives are fighting isn’t what they promote. Yet, anyone who has read his book knows that’s not true, and it is telling that Kendi feels the need to make this faux distinction now. That’s not something he’d do if he thought he was winning the argument.

Glenn Reynolds:

Critical Race Theory, like most woke politics, is believed only by a small, angry, neurotic minority. They implement their agenda by bullying and subterfuge. Sunlight is the disinfectant.

It would be just if the racist little bigot Kendi is eventually shamed and expelled from polite society. Won’t be any time soon, however, ‘cos “polite society” is too busy virtue signalling and sucking up to him.