Biden’s race training for federal workers is designed to humiliate whites

Biden’s race training for federal workers is designed to humiliate whites. By Betsy McCaughey.

If you’re white and you work for the federal government get ready to be labeled a racist, regardless of how fair you are, how colorblind your worldview. On Friday, President Joe Biden ordered all federal agencies to ramp up workplace training on “systemic and institutional racism” and “implicit and unconscious bias.”

Those are buzzwords for the new racial ideology sweeping the nation. It holds that all whites are biased against minorities and the American nation as a whole was irredeemably racist at its founding and remains so to this day. This is emphatically not diversity training. It’s about framing one group — whites — as “oppressors” and humiliating them.

Assume you work in an office with people of various races, all getting along pretty smoothly as a team. Then the supervisors subject you and your coworkers to mandatory critical-race-theory training. Whites will be ridiculed as racists, and if they try to deny it, the trainers will tell them that their very denials are proof of unconscious bias and “white fragility.” Black employees will understandably question whether they can even trust white coworkers.

Critical race theory is a train wreck for workplace morale.

Expect an avalanche of lawsuits challenging Biden’s effort to saturate the federal workplace with this divisive doctrine. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars employers from engaging in racial discrimination, period. A “toxic work environment” is a no-no. Federal regulations define that as permitting “ridicule, mockery, insults or put-downs” based on race and other protected characteristics.

That’s exactly what goes on in these training sessions. No one should have to put up with being called a racist as a condition of employment. …

It’s morally wrong — and illegal:

Biden’s already drowning in legal challenges to his other racially discriminatory policies. Federal judges have suspended his debt forgiveness program for black farmers because it specifically excludes white farmers. Federal courts have also halted grants to restaurant owners hurt by the pandemic because most white male restaurateurs were told they had to go to the back of the line, behind minorities and women. Team Biden seems to forget that discrimination is against the law, even if it’s discrimination dressed up in noxious academic theories.

Rod Dreher:

The first American politician to stand up credibly and courageously to both wokeness and cutthroat corporate America will win the votes of the great American middle. I would love to vote for a candidate like that, even if he or she had a D after their name. I think that person, if he is going to emerge at all, is more likely to emerge on the Right. A candidate who not only rejected wokeness in general, but promoted old-fashioned American unity around hard work, mutual respect, and the content of our character — man, that person would win the presidency going away.

I wonder how the Democrats are ever going to back down from their anti-white racism and coalition of the fringes policies? If they cannot import new POC voters quicker than existing minorities defect to the right, it’s a losing strategy.

Biden has turned up importing illegal voters across the southern border tenfold, was elected on widespread voting irregularities (and, quite likely, vote miscounting on an industrial scale), and is blatantly discriminating against white men and in favor of everyone else. If even this isn’t enough to stay in power, the Democrats are cooked.

In which case the Democrats will have to execute the mother of all back-downs. Still, they have the media on their side, so their shenanigans will disappear from the political discourse faster than you can say “KKK” and “Lincoln was a Republican”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil