China’s terrifying warning on man-made viruses from 2011

China’s terrifying warning on man-made viruses from 2011. By Sharri Markson.

The Chinese government admitted research to create man-made viruses posed “a huge latent threat to mankind” — and said “accidental mistakes in biotech laboratories can place mankind in great danger” — in terrifying warnings contained in Beijing’s own declaration to a UN meeting under the Biological Weapons Convention.

Chinese authorities also spoke of the “increased threat of biological weapons” and discussed using viruses as “genetic weapons” saying systems biology “can also create the potential for biological weapons based on genetic differences between races” …

The People’s Republic of China’s submission to the Seventh Review Conference of the State Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Biological and Toxin Weapons — dated November 23, 2011 — includes the disclosure that biotechnology research presented challenges complying with the Biological Weapons Convention.

China’s submission to the conference, held in Geneva in December 2011, also raises the issue of how research could “significantly increase the destructiveness of biological weapons” by “making biological attacks more stealthy”.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil