Almost all remaining Jews in Yemen deported, after 2,600 years

Almost all remaining Jews in Yemen deported, after 2,600 years. By Tzvi Joffre.

The last three Jewish families in Yemen were deported by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, leaving only four elderly Jews in the country …

The move marks the virtual end of a 2,600-year-old Jewish community in Yemen. …

In July of last year, Iranian-backed Houthis were said to be rounding up Yemeni Jews and pressuring them to leave, according to Egyptian reports. …

Houthi officials have forced Jews to sell their homes and land for low prices, a source from the Yemeni Jewish community told Al-Araby at the time. The Houthi slogan reads “Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse the Jews, Victory to Islam.”

Vox Popoli:

It also serves as a reminder that the Spanish managed to reclaim their country, expelling both Jews and Muslims after 781 years of subjugation by the latter.

Plymouth Colony was established in 1620, only 401 years ago. It’s very far from inconceivable that the American Indian may outlast the British American on the North American continent.

As improbable as that may seem today, already the odds certainly don’t favor the White Australian at this point.

Don’t take good times for granted.

With anti-white racism on the rise in the west, fanned by our idiot friends on the left for short term gain, the future doesn’t look so bright.