Why the Twits cannot be taken seriously

Why the Twits cannot be taken seriously. By James Allan.

Did you see the recent Pew surveys in the United States about Twitter? Twitter users make up under a tenth of the voting population. Those Twitter users, in American voting terms, lean Democrat by +15 points. …

Of Twitter users, some 10 per cent post 92 per cent of all tweets. In other words, for those who use Twitter, we are now talking about almost everything you read there. And what you read there is written by people who lean Democrat by +43 points.

Yet some people chose to take Twitter as an expression of the popular voice:

And yet big corporations –- their boards, CEOs and marketing teams -– more and more treat Twitter as if it were the voice of the average voter.

Look at the attempts going on right now in Britain to ‘cancel’ any company that advertises on the new, deliberately non-woke GB News station. It is Twitter driving the attacks on companies that advertise there.

And those attacks are having some effect because of one of two things. Either A) the corporate boards and CEOs are gutless, spineless, stupid people who think the Twitterati speak for the vast preponderance of people (a lie, see above); or B) the boards and CEOs actually are themselves woke, +43 Dem-Lefties looking for a half-decent excuse to act on these views. …

Yesterday in the Democratic primary for NYC Mayor — so all lefties voting — the guy with 1.9 million Twitter followers, Andrew Yang, was slaughtered by the guy with fewer than 20,000, Eric Adams.