One-third says Biden won ‘only due to voter fraud,’ 80% want voter ID

One-third says Biden won ‘only due to voter fraud,’ 80% want voter ID. By Paul Bedard.

Despite the media’s best efforts to mock claims of 2020 voting fraud, or “the Big Lie,” one-third of the nation believes President Joe Biden beat former President Donald Trump “only due to voter fraud.”

What’s more, as Democrats, the president, and media allies team up to slam voter identification as an intimidation tactic, a surprising 80% want it.

And the latest Monmouth University poll on voting and elections said that the country is divided on mail-in balloting …

The new survey is somewhat of a blow to the mainstream narrative that the public wants easy and expanded access to voting and doesn’t believe reports of fraud during the 2020 voting process.

Monmouth said the most notable finding was that 8 in 10 adults want voter ID. Just 18% oppose it. … Said the analysis:

One-third (32%) of Americans continue to believe that Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 was due to voter fraud — a number that has not budged since the November election. … Furthermore, 14% of the American public say they will never accept Biden as president

Glenn Reynolds:

The effort to marginalize this view appears to have failed.

Despite the non-stop propaganda, censorship, and cancellations.