As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Left Turns to Denial, Dismissal

As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Left Turns to Denial, Dismissal. By Jarrett Stepman.

Americans are waking up to the threat posed by critical race theory, which is often presented behind a cloak of secrecy and the banner of social justice, and across the country, they are now fighting back.

The Biden administration may have reversed former President Donald Trump’s ban on critical race theory and so-called anti-racist training in government agencies, but Americans from a diverse set of backgrounds are now making this a national fight, which is dramatically playing out on the local and state level.

What has been the response from the left to this popular rebellion against critical race theory?

Denial and dismissal.

When asked about debates over critical race theory taking place at school board meetings in Northern Virginia, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, earlier this month called it a “right-wing conspiracy” made up by Republicans. …

Others on the left have said that critical race theory has been too broadly defined by opponents and legislatures that want to remove it from public institutions. It’s just an insignificant school issue, they insist: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Critical race theory is bad, you say? We’ve never heard of it, but stop trying to stop it, fascist!

These dismissive rebukes miss the point that many Americans reject the broad range of woke racial ideology that is broadly being promoted by activists, media, corporations, bureaucrats, and even the military to destructive effect.

The left deliberately keep the terms “white supremacy” and “racist” undefined, in order that they have maximum effect when bullying people. You cannot deny what is undefined.

It’s clear that critical race theory is not just diversity or sensitivity training, but an attempt to remake American society entirely defined by race, with its end result being a kind of neo-segregation, where opaquely defined “systemic” racism, “white supremacy,” and inequity are “combated” with more racism. …

The rebellion against critical race theory is real, and the movement is growing. It has become a serious threat to the agenda of woke social justice crusaders, who apparently thought the revolution was complete.

Opponents are now beginning to win this fight. It turns out that when people actually learn what critical race theory is — and more importantly, how its proponents want to put it into practice — a majority stands in opposition.

The left are greatly outnumbered on their race obsessions, and will eventually lose. But they win in the meantime, and it is a great distraction that keeps the political discussion away from class issues and how the rich elitists got to be that way.