How I Left Academia, or, How Academia Left Me

How I Left Academia, or, How Academia Left Me. By Michael Robillard.

Some of the more blatant contradictions and hypocrisies found on the left warrant our explicit acknowledgement.

  • Western science is an oppressive structure of the white male patriarchy that we are dutybound to oppose and deconstruct, but we must trust the latest Covid biomedical data.
  • We must trust the latest Covid biomedical data, but the biomedical categories of male and female are just social constructs.
  • The categories of male and female are just social constructs which can be chosen at will, but the category of race cannot be similarly chosen at will because race is ostensibly an objective natural kind. But race is also just a social construct.
  • But neither of these previous claims are true since race doesn’t refer to anything at all because there is only one race, the human race. But whites oppress blacks.
  • Objective evolutionary data discredits God and objective morality, but that same evolutionary data as it relates to heritable features due to race is suddenly just a social construct again.
  • We are in a radically relativistic, post-truth world, but we must guard against conservative fake news. There is no historical meta-narrative, but the events of slavery and colonialism are undeniable objective facts.
  • The patriarchy of Christianity is bad, but the patriarchy of Islam, of the very same Abrahamic tradition, is to be lauded and venerated.
  • Obesity is a social construct but also a marker of objective health at any weight.
  • Atheist materialist science proves that life is fundamentally meaningless and worthless, but for heaven’s sake, will someone please think of the rights, dignity, and intrinsic value of animals and future generations threatened by climate change.
  • A priori Mathematics and Logic are just socially constructed systems of oppression.
  • There is no such thing as objective truth, but CNN reports just the facts. And what do we even mean by ‘truth’ anyway?

And so on. …

Such arguments are often deployed from such folks with a self-satisfied air of condescension and a near total lack of gratitude for anything and everything their fellow countrymen or forebears have sacrificed on their behalf, making the luxury of sustaining such superfluous and nonsensical arguments even possible in the first place.

I can honestly say now, having seen both sides, that during my time in the military I met folks who were markedly less conformist, far more open-minded, and far less vindictive towards peers and colleagues who dared to entertain or voice alternative viewpoints. My academic peers should reflect upon that last sentence carefully. …

Farewell academia, I disavow you.

hat-tip Jeremy, Stephen Neil