Exposing the Ostriches of the Australian Left

Exposing the Ostriches of the Australian Left. By Chris Kenny.

When journalists serve only their green Left clique, they can surrender their allegiance to the facts and become slaves to the narrative. The more journalism serves a narrative, the more it dishonours the truth. …

We are aimlessly wandering along a postmodern path where facts are fungible, everyone has their own reality, and each media organisation relies less on the quality of its content and more on sharing a disposition with its chosen market. The public square might soon disappear and be replaced by a series of ideological wormholes.

It is now obvious to all that the left promotes a series of self serving fantasies — the PC narrative — and is increasingly divorced from reality.

To illustrate all this we can start in Wuhan … . Countless … facts pointing to possible accidental release from WIV have been revealed since, many by The Australian and Sky News’ own Sharri Markson. Yet until recent weeks, most of the world’s media, certainly that aligned with the liberal Left, have either ignored or dismissed the Wuhan laboratory leak theory.

Why would this be? Perhaps the biggest story in the world, many facts available and ignored, the only plausible answer is that because then president Donald Trump flagged the lab leak theory and wanted to blame China for the pandemic, it did not suit the “narrative” of those wanting to pin America’s pandemic pain on the president.

The stubborn ignorance of this approach was exposed brilliantly this week by US comedian Jon Stewart appearing on The Late Show, a favourite forum of the woke. “Oh my God there’s a novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking Wuhan China, what do we do?” mocked Stewart. “Oh, you know who we could ask, the Wuhan Novel Respiratory Coronavirus Lab — the disease is the same name as the lab!”

Allowing for comedic license, the point about obvious coincidence was well made, exposing the absurd resistance to exploring this theory over the past year. The liberal Left and woke types who usually enjoy Stewart’s work were stunned, some even called his comments racist. Conservatives noted that if they had said the same thing last year they would have been banned by the digital media giants.

Consider how Markson — one journalist working on her own on this story from Sydney — has unearthed crucial information about “gain of function” experiments, funding and research links to the US including with chief infectious diseases adviser Dr Anthony Fauci, and this week video of bats being used for research at the WIV (previously denied by senior officials). Yet over at the ABC, the large teams of researchers, producers and reporters at Four Corners did not manage to report, uncover or even debunk any of this — perhaps they did not even try.

Instead, Four Corners’ Milligan has pursued Pell for years, leading to wrongful convictions, enormous trauma, and eventually a 7-nil High Court repudiation. Milligan also broadcast a shameless hit job of bizarre, anonymous and implausible sexual assault claims against Porter, who sued for defamation, and the resultant ABC statement essentially argued they had put the claims into the public arena but did not expect anyone to believe them. Seriously.

Chief inquisitor Milligan, at the home of PC in Australia

This week, Milligan tried to smear Morrison as doing the bidding of an extreme group of right wing conspiracists, based mainly on the Prime Minister using the phrase “ritual abuse” when addressing the scourge of child sexual abuse in parliament. Yet a quick word search of the royal commission report that Morrison was speaking to shows “ritual” was used 43 times.

In these three Milligan episodes, the facts have always been thin on the ground or opaque, but the smear against conservative targets has been clear. Yet no other journalists at the ABC have questioned the reports, researched the issues or contradicted the claims. Why not? Afraid of interrupting the ABC narrative?

What can be done?

How to replace this desire to please woke colleagues with an eagerness to serve audiences with relevant facts?

The ABC reckons one way is to relocate 300 staff [of 4,000+] from its inner-city headquarters at Ultimo to work from a yet-to-be established building in Parramatta. …

Too little too late.

Auntie’s cousins at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation this week decided to cut themselves off from viewer comments on social media to protect their journalists from criticism. Rather than be accountable, they will further isolate their staff from the mainstream.