Media Panics Over Mounting Opposition to Critical Race Theory

Media Panics Over Mounting Opposition to Critical Race Theory. By William Jacobson.

The opposition to Critical Race Theory, and most particularly its abusive implementation through race shaming and stoking racial tension, has been growing for a year or more.

CRT as a term burst onto the media landscape when ugly and abusive training session materials and accounts were leaked from campuses, government agencies, and corporations last year.

The opposition is organic, but until the last few months has been disorganized. Relative to the CRT and BLM movements, embraced by corporate America to the tune of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, the opposition consists largely of parents who just aren’t going to take it anymore, and state legislators who jumped on a resistance train that already was moving down the tracks.

The best evidence that the resistance to CRT is gaining and posing a threat to Democrats is that the mainstream media is trying to marginalize and demonize the movement the way it attacked the Tea Party: Just a bunch of astroturfed racists. It wasn’t true then, and it’s not true now, but it’s the standard playbook. …

The “tea party wave” swept Republicans into taking back the House in 2010, and the Senate in 2014, and in many ways led to Trump in 2016. That’s why the media is so scared and leaping into action. …

Critical Race Theory is hurting Democrats. You only need to read liberal media to understand that.

The left are now obsessed with race, in a bigoted, racist way. Hardly any comment comes from the left nowadays without some racial reference.

Talk about polarizing: 70% (and growing) of the Democrat vote in the US is from non-whites, while 90% of the Republican vote is from whites. Two tribes, one country, big trouble. Go back to color blind, fast!