Mike Pompeo: Wuhan Lab Still Operational, Next Virus Could ‘Kill not Three Million, but 30 Million’

Mike Pompeo: Wuhan Lab Still Operational, Next Virus Could ‘Kill not Three Million, but 30 Million’. By Robert Kraychik.

“We shouldn’t forget this lab is still up and running,” [former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo] said. “There [are] no increased safety measures that I’m aware of. I’m sure they are still conducting viral research, probably gain-of-function research inside this lab, making these viruses more lethal and more transmissible. This risk is not gone. This is a serious and urgent matter. We have to confront it in a way that reflects that.” …

He stated, “I’m confident that we will conclude that this came from the virology lab, but put that aside. [We] know that the Chinese Communist Party allowed this virus to escape from Wuhan. They allowed folks to travel to Milan and outside of Hubei province and foisted this virus that killed three million people around the world upon us all. [They] continue to cover it up to this day.”

That is enough,” he continued, “That level of malfeasance is enough.”

Pompeo’s suggestions:

Chinese Communist Party officials should not be able to travel or send their families to the U.S., Pompeo advised.

He remarked, “We know the decision makers inside of the CCP — the Chinese Communist Party — who continue to cover this up. We should do everything we can to make sure their kids don’t go to our schools, and their spouses don’t shop in America. All simple things, but I assure you, those Chinese leaders want their families to be here in the United States. We should deny them that.”

“We should impose enormous costs on the local leaders who permitted this to happen and then we should also demand that the world join together and impose harsh trade costs on the Chinese until they permit us to conduct the research needed to figure out who patient zero was, and to make sure that this lab is fixed,” he added. …

Future danger:

“If this was something that the Chinese were working on, and if it was in any way potentially connected to the military work that they were doing at that site, there are even more questions and more risk to the world …

“We’ve got to figure out how this came to be, and we have to stop the Chinese Communist Party from doing the kinds of things that could next time kill not three million, but 30 million.”