Leftists finally waking up to Bruce Pascoe’s fraud

Leftists finally waking up to Bruce Pascoe’s fraud. By Andrew Bolt.

So called “Aboriginal historian” Bruce Pascoe pulled off the biggest hoax in Australia’s literary history. But now the jig is up, as even the woke Sydney Morning Herald and Age admit Pascoe told untruths.

The news on Saturday came like a thunderclap. Until now, these two Left-wing newspapers — along with the ABC — had protected the snowy-bearded 73-year-old sage. …

But at the weekend the SMH and Age reported that impeccably credentialed Leftist academics — anthropologist Peter Sutton and archaeologist Keryn Walshe — had a new book detailing how Pascoe had cheated in writing his bestseller Dark Emu.


Left now admits it was just another fantasy


Dark Emu became our hottest history book in decades by sensationally claiming Aborigines were not hunter-gatherers but “farmers” living in “houses” with “pens” in “towns” of “1000 people”.

But in Saturday’s magazine cover story, Sutton and Walshe gave example after example of how Dark Emu was “riddled with errors of fact, selective quotations, selective use of evidence, and exaggeration of weak evidence”, all to make false claims that appeal to Australians who wanted to believe Aborigines weren’t “mere” hunter-gatherers.

In fact, Sutton said he was “outraged” that schools now used Dark Emu as a textbook. The rest of us should be just as outraged that the ABC has made many videos to promote Pascoe in schools. …

Leftist tribalism and media banished truth for a while:

How did journalists let him get away with such idiocy, when the truth was staring them in the face?

It wasn’t just me who pointed out Pascoe was a fraud. Researchers on dark-emu-exposed.org pulled apart Pascoe’s claims in forensic detail. So did Peter O’Brien in Quadrant and his book Bitter Harvest.

But here’s the problem. We were all conservatives. And journalists of the Left could not allow conservatives to be right.

Nowhere was Pascoe protected more fiercely than on the ABC. I can count at least 20 ABC presenters, reporters and editors who promoted him — but none who questioned him.

If any did mention Pascoe’s critics, it was only to jeer that such evil people proved Pascoe’s book was great. Take ABC host Benjamin Law: “If Andrew Bolt’s publicly s…tting himself over it, you know it’s good … Give it to your non-Indigenous relatives this Christmas.” …

Leftists may now safely admit Pascoe is a phony — because nice Leftists said so, in a Leftist newspaper.

Just like “global warming”. If the ABC had just done its job and reported on global warming instead of campaigning for the carbon dioxide theory, Australia would have avoided the huge costly blunders we are now making.