The left utterly failed the USA over covid

The left utterly failed the USA over covid. By John Hinderaker.

Covid was not a hoax, but it was immediately seen by the Left as the means through which they might oust Donald Trump from the White House. (“God’s gift to the Left,” as Jane Fonda expressed it.)

For that strategy to work, the focus needed to be here at home, on the alleged (almost entirely mythical) failures of the Trump administration. Pointing the finger at China would not only reinforce President Trump’s speculation about the virus, it would also validate the tough approach he took toward the CCP throughout his term in office.

So the truth about the origin of covid had to be suppressed. That is how it looks to me, anyway.

The left put miserable partisan advantage ahead of national safety.

And of course they are still steering the conversation away from the cheapest protection measure — closing the borders except to quarantined arrivals — because that would reduce the influx of new left voters.