Greatest enemy of truth is those who conspire to lie

Greatest enemy of truth is those who conspire to lie. An editorial by The Australian newspaper. Well said:

We live in an age where, ironically, there has never been more information in the public domain, yet less transparency. The truth runs a distant last these days when the race is on by public and private institutions to spend millions of dollars to block information reaching the public. Lying, disseminating and dissuading inquiring minds from extracting fact is a massive industry. And as a society we suffer as a result. Power is more than ever about power to protect. Politicians lie without a glimmer of guilt. Business leaders twist and turn to trick and torment.

Yet getting to the truth in public life has never been more difficult.

Rumours, innuendo and gossip are wilder now than ever, fuelled by anonymous social media scoundrels and half-witted hopefuls, desperate to destroy, through nefarious and any other means possible, anyone who disagrees with them. It is a modern tragedy. And, despite freedom of information laws, suppression, legal and otherwise, and censorship have never been more pronounced. …

Australia’s home of woke, the ABC:

The ABC is one of the most powerful institutions in Australia. Not only does the national broadcaster pocket $1bn a year from our pay packets to produce great local radio, at times intoxicating drama and clever, original television, but much of that federal money is spent on journalism. In fact, the ABC, a wholly taxpayer-funded institution, is the biggest media outlet in Australia. …

Many senior people at The Australian know well the work, the habits and the hubris of [the ABC’s] Sally Neighbour and Louise Milligan.

Louise Milligan

To be good you often need to be brash, and brave. But to be really good, you need to be beyond reproach. Your loyalty to the truth must be without question. Fairness and balance is your currency. It has to be. Think of the opposite qualities to answer why. The subjects of good journalism, of important journalism, lie and dissemble. Good journalists do not. They rely on the truth. They yearn for it. But they understand the limits. In many respects the natural enemy of a journalist, aside from a public relations hack, or a political flack, is the defamation lawyer. The most dangerous enemy of the journalist is bad, lazy, deceitful journalism.

I’m sure George Pell — who wrongly spent over a year in jail largely due to Milligan — would enthusiastically agree.