Biden’s Big Lies in Tulsa

Biden’s Big Lies in Tulsa. By David Zukerman.

How dare Biden the Big Liar refer to Jan. 6 as “a deadly attack” when the only person killed was an unarmed civilian named Ashli Babbitt, shot by an unidentified Capitol cop! How dare Biden accuse states that enact laws, to insure that voting will be fair and honest, of echoing white supremacist notion! …

Biden is clearly conjuring up an imaginary “white supremacist” as bogeyman, just as anti-Semites in Europe conjured up images of Jews as bogeyman.

Something evil is occurring in the Biden administration. Bogeyman are generally used as distractions from forthcoming abusive measures to be taken by a government intending to amass oppressive powers for tyrannical aims.

Biden, by his remarks on the centennial of the Tulsa tragedy, has made it perfectly clear that, in his dotage, he has become a demagogue — or else is fronting for a demagogic cabal. As Hamilton makes clear in the middle of Federalist No. 1, rulers who are demagogues end up as tyrants.