The Future of Floydism

The Future of Floydism. By Steve Sailer.

Gun murders are up 34.4 percent in the 365 days since George Floyd’s death. …

From May 25, 2019, to May 24, 2020, there were 13,024 murders committed with a firearm in the U.S.

In contrast, in the Year One A.F. (After Floyd) from May 25, 2020, to May 24, 2021, there were 17,499 gun murders, an increase of 4,475 corpses. (In contrast, the NAACP reports that 3,446 blacks were lynched in all of U.S. history.)

That’s a lot of blood that our new state religion, the worship of the holy martyr George Floyd and his racial brethren, has on its hands.



Normally, murders are a rather stochastic phenomenon and thus are fairly stable from year to year. People kill other people for idiosyncratically personal reasons, so even major social trends like The Sixties can take years to raise murder rates. Thus, the calendar years with the biggest percentage increases in murders since 1960 — 1968 and 2015 — saw rises of only about one-third as bad as the first year of the Age of Floyd.

Technical note: Murder statistics are never quite final because coma victims expire, presumed runaways are discovered in shallow graves, suicide notes are found, and the like. But whatever the ultimate numbers for the first 365 days of the Racial Reckoning will turn out to be, they reflect a massive increase in mayhem, the majority of it perpetrated by blacks.

The latest FBI statistics report that blacks were 55.9 percent of the known murder offenders in 2019, and all the evidence suggests that the black fraction for the past twelve months, which will be released next September, will have been even more staggering.

There’s a lot more violence, but no one in the media is drawing the obvious connections:

Unsurprisingly, nobody in The Establishment is stepping forward to forthrightly apologize and admit that, yeah, the bad people (like, say, me) were right: America’s biggest criminal justice problem is not police brutality, it’s black brutality.

As Woke Stalin might say, the death of one George Floyd is a tragedy, but the deaths of thousands of subsequent incremental murder victims are a divisive white supremacist hatestat.

So, that’s what the first year of the Floyd Era was like: mayhem on the streets of black America.

It’s never been tried before:

What will the future of Floydism be?

It’s hard to predict because it’s so novel in human history for a culture to extol as its moral master race a group exalted for their ineptitude. Consider the strangeness of Americans worshipping George Floyd, an ugly brute who lived an ugly life of major and minor crime that brought him to an ugly end. Then, think about the other BLM martyrs.

When the Germans started worshipping themselves as the master race, it was alarming for the rest of the world because they were known to be competent enough that they just might conquer Europe from London to the Urals.

But now that the citizens of the world’s superpower are being raised to worship blackness as our ideal of beauty and merit, how is that supposed to work?

It’s reassuring to hypothesize that perhaps nobody who matters really takes Floydism — “Black is best and white is worst” — seriously. It’s just a vast practical joke with which to humiliate political enemies. …

Instead of improving relations between different races, feeding  grievances and victimhood makes it worse. It’s a return to the dark days when skin colors affect property prices. We thought we had grown beyond that:

The post-Floyd crime wave was all very foreseeable. I predicted “The End of Gentrification” three weeks into the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots. But few other pundits seemed to notice that encouraging blacks to feel both racially aggrieved and above the law wouldn’t be good for either black lives or white property values. …

The unspoken truth:

Truths that you can’t say in public become ever harder to say in private, and, ultimately, even difficult to conceive of in your own mind.

Charles Murray is coming out of semi-retirement to publish a book next month, Facing Reality, to remind the reading public that the two most exhaustively documented findings of the American social sciences are that blacks are, on average, more violent and less intelligent.

But why does he have to? Why have we wound up with a culture where so many are oblivious to the obvious?

Here is a trend that will shape the future and it needs to be discussed: