Kamala, the ‘Mary Sue’ Vice President

Kamala, the ‘Mary Sue’ Vice President. By A.J. Rice.

In fiction, a Mary Sue is a character who is perfect. A Mary Sue doesn’t have to be female. It’s just a term for a character who can do no wrong. A Mary Sue has no flaws, no foibles, no character to develop, no personal struggles to overcome. She just arrives in the world already perfect, untouchable, even unobtainable. …

The recent “Star Wars” sequel trilogy has a Mary Sue. Her name is Rey, played by actress Daisy Ridley. This isn’t a criticism of Ridley, by the way, who played the role well. It’s a criticism of Riann Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm, who imbued Rey with the perfection they believed she must have. Female lead characters from the Hollywood of #MeToo, #TimesUp, cancel culture and political correctness tend more and more to be Mary Sues. Male characters can have — must have — their flaws. But characters like Rey must be perfect from the start, and will often come to be seen as such by the other characters in the universe around them.

They don’t develop, either. Everything around them moves to understand how great, perfect, noble, and pristine they are. That was Rey, and it’s one of the most fundamental issues fans have had with a very problematic film trilogy.

The United States currently has a Mary Sue on our hands. Her name is Kamala Harris.

Harris isn’t actually perfect. Far from it, in fact. Powerful Democrat pol Willie Brown has admitted that Harris slept with him while he was married to another woman, and that he rewarded her by advancing her political career. There’s a character flaw or two in that story for any reporter who cares or dares to look into it, as well as a note about the true state of the California Democratic Party. But none have bothered. Bill Clinton faced a barrage of questions when he ran for president for doing the same thing. Harris’s personal life has been ruled out of bounds by the press. You cannot question Vice President Mary Sue.

More recently, Harris is a no-show on a high-profile job of national importance. More than a month ago, Joe Biden — ostensibly her boss — appointed Harris to lead the administration’s response to the chaos that is engulfing the U.S.-Mexico border. Nearly 20 counties in Texas have declared emergencies. The flood of illegal border crossings is at its highest peak in 20 years, bringing thousands of unaccompanied children, fostering human trafficking, and enabling so much drug trafficking that it’s all leading to untenable conditions along our southern border. Local law enforcement and other services are overwhelmed. The drug cartels are making billions. There have been credible reports of sexual abuse in the makeshift facilities the Biden Administration hastily established to house the thousands of children who have been brought into the country illegally.

One would think Harris might take the first major appointment of her tenure seriously, and that the media would follow suit and follow her every move. But one would be wrong.

Harris hasn’t even visited the border; not in Texas, or New Mexico, or Arizona, or even her home state of California, where she was once attorney general and a U.S. senator. California Democrats, to be fair, don’t care about the border. …

Harris hasn’t shown up, but she’s still “historic” and therefore perfect. She recently blamed it all on climate change, not her own administration’s policies, despite the fact that the border was quiescent under Trump and exploded into chaos when she and Biden deliberately undid all of Trump’s policies. Harris’ take is laughable. Has the climate deteriorated so badly since January that it’s causing this massive migration? Of course not. …

The media wants Kamala Harris, the first woman of color to serve as vice president, to succeed so badly that it refuses to hold her accountable in any way. It refuses to challenge her. It refuses to question her. She is timeless, spectacular, Mary Sue perfection. Say it twice or perish. …

She has met with foreign leaders, such as Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, in Biden’s stead. Why did that happen, and whose decision was it?

The media is too wrapped up in its perfect Vice President Mary Sue to ask.

This arrangement suits both Harris and the press, though it’s a disservice to the American people and the world. Harris has a history of coming off as wildly out of touch when she does speak. Any real comment from Harris threatens to get in the way of the media’s Kamala Harris fan fiction storyline. Mary Sue Harris is just as perfect as perfect can be — and don’t you dare question that.

It’s almost as if a diverse Camelot has descended upon Washington. Happily ever after is here.