What Homelessness and Climate Change Have in Common

What Homelessness and Climate Change Have in Common. By Steven Hayward.

Let’s start with this NPR (NPR!!) report on the $1 billion Los Angeles is spending on homelessness, with no apparent effect on actually reducing homelessness:

The high public cost of LA’s first sanctioned campground — more than $2,600 per tent, per month — has advocates worried it will come at the expense of more permanent housing. [Emphasis added.]

What a minute — what? $2,600 per month, per tent?!?! 

As the kids say, AYFKM!? Only government could spend more for tents than you’d have to pay for a rental apartment even in high-priced Los Angeles. …

I’d love to see a genuine audit of this homelessness spending to see how much the bureaucracy, consultants, administrators, and others in the “caring professions” chain of being skim off the top. When I read, two or three years ago, that Seattle’s “homeless policy coordinator” is paid close to $300,000 per year, it was easy to predict that not a single person would be brought out of homelessness, but that the ranks of the homeless would increase.

And the climate scam is just the same — huge sums of money in politically-driven “investments,” tax credits, and subsidies for energy sources that will do little or nothing to solve whatever climate problem we may actually have. …

Just like the homelessness problem. The only real “compassion” is for the bank accounts of the elite “caring” class.

So corrupt and stupid, everywhere you look. The west has not had an obvious crisis in two generations, and look how it has degraded.