The Roots of White Male Culture: from the British Isles Through the American Prairie to the Boardroom

The Roots of White Male Culture: from the British Isles Through the American Prairie to the Boardroom. By Steve Sailer.

Here’s a picture redolent of the Bad Old Lockheed, which had a U-2 spy plane flying too high to be shot down over the Soviet Union within 18 months of getting the go-ahead from the CIA. Here’s Clarence “Kelly” Johnson with his U-2 and his 2500 mph SR 71:

These days, in contrast, Lockheed spends gazillions of dollars and decades on the F-35, but, hey, there’s no Soviet Union anymore, so what’s the rush? Lots of time for diversity training. …

Good computer, very expensive, poor at flying. Hangar queen.

Quoting from recent diversity materials inflicted upon the white men at Lockheed:

An examination of white male culture can be awkward and difficult because the culture is rarely called anything other than “American culture” or “the ways things are.”


A.K.A., how we built an airplane in 1962 that goes 2500 mph. …

Diversity training:

One of the characteristics of white male culture is a low tolerance for ambiguity. One of the by-products of this low tolerance is often to view issues from a place of either/or rather than and/ both.


For example, in my father’s 40+ years at Lockheed, he tended to focus upon non-ambiguous binaries like, say, “flying” vs. “crashing,” and had low tolerance for “and/both” concepts such as “both flying and crashing.” …

Diversity training:

American white men don’t typically view themselves as members of the white male group, or any group, but as unique individuals. Culture is something other people have. The notion of being part of a white male social-identity group is a strange new proposition— one that is hard to swallow, given the fierce attachment to individual identity. Furthermore, many white men fear that a closer look is for the purpose of assigning criticism or blame. …


It’s almost as if the guys who built the world’s greatest airplanes identified more as The Guys Who Built the World’s Greatest Airplanes rather than as white males. But, yeah, now that you mention it, they were almost all white males. Thanks. …

This white paper then goes on and on about how white men are awful because … they keep surviving into the future due to their can-do attitude, focus on hard work, action, and task completion, and measured moderation and silent strength.

Which we all know is deplorable compared to Aspiring Rapperhood.

The diversity scammers have run into the perennial socialist problem: How do you get people to be rewarded just as much for mediocrity or failure as for success? How do you persuade the talented people not to leave or not to just stop trying?