Stunning New Court Ruling Reveals Blatant Institutional Discrimination Against White Americans

Stunning New Court Ruling Reveals Blatant Institutional Discrimination Against White Americans. By Revolver.

It’s increasingly obvious to all Americans (even Congressional Republicans) that America’s governing elites openly spout racist propaganda against white people.

Public schools push critical race theory while abandoning advanced math. Even in high-stakes institutions like the U.S. military and its key contractors, fairness and merit are being tossed in favor of hysterical denunciations of phantom “white supremacy.”

But this is about more than rhetoric and propaganda. The Biden Administration is sending the signal in the clear for anybody who wants to notice it: America has implemented an anti-white race and anti-male sex-based caste system, where the hated straight white men are firmly at the bottom. And the courts are ready to sustain it.

In the most recent $1.9 trillion round of coronavirus stimulus, Congress set aside $28.6 billion for a “Restaurant Revitalization Program,” to bolster the industry hit the hardest by a year of economically suicidal lockdowns. But instead of fairly distributing the money based on need, or on a first-come, first-served basis, the program was set up with rigid identity-based restrictions: For the first three weeks, only “women, veterans, or socially and economically disadvantaged individuals” are eligible for funds.

And, naturally, now that the program is open to white men, all the money is already gone. Too bad! Better luck next time. …

The Restaurant Revitalization Program’s criteria are flagrantly illegal, violating the plain text of the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. In 1989’s Richmond v. Croson case, the Supreme Court ruled that creating government set-asides specifically based on race was unconstitutional; 1995’s Adarand Constructors v. Peña found that any racially-discriminatory preferences by the federal government must satisfy strict scrutiny (in other words, be as narrowly tailored as possible to fulfill a compelling government interest). Neither of the government’s latest initiatives come close to satisfying such a standard.

But so far, it hasn’t mattered. Just last week, federal judge Travis McDonough allowed the government to start making payments for the Restaurant Revitalization Program.

McDonough’s ruling flagrantly ignores the American Constitution, but right now, it doesn’t matter. The Globalist American Empire is imposing a new, higher law, overtly centered on racial hierarchy rather than equality.

It’s not just for restaurants, either. The Biden stimulus also includes $4 billion to provide debt relief for farmers. The only catch: No white farmers allowed.

Racist hierarchy with white men at the bottom, by law:

The goal is not to uplift “socially disadvantaged” groups. The goal is to exclude a new legal underclass, white men.

They aren’t excluded because they are the most successful group in America; Indians and Asians are easily more successful on average. They are excluded because America’s ruling regime hates them. It wants their businesses bankrupt and their children addicted to opioids or selling nudes on OnlyFans (or better yet, both!).

Since 1990 the Democrats have built a political coalition of the fringes, of all except white men. So this discrimination was inevitable. Anti-white discrimination is the glue that holds the left together, like the promise of booty binds a gang of thieves.

Why are they so hated? There are many reasons: Because their ancestors built America into the richest, most powerful, most innovative, and freest country in the world, and the Globalist American Empires retches at its own obvious inferiority. Because they, more than any group, represent what America was, and what the left wants to destroy forever. Because they’re the demographic that voted Trump, and has always voted against the failing machinations of the Globalist American Empire.

The patsies of this new corrupt regime will argue that white Americans cannot be second-class citizens, because (for now) they remain more economically well off than some (but not all) other groups in America. This is meaningless. Discrimination has coexisted with economic success many times throughout history. In many nations, Jews were better-off on average than Christians; and in Rwanda the Tutsi were richer than the Hutus before and after 500,000 Tutsis were butchered with Hutu machetes.

There is no rational reason to think that anti-white animosity will stop with discrimination in hiring and government benefits. Already, American elites are on the hunt for new ways to entrench the legal inferiority of whites and in particular white men. A Tuesday segment on NPR discussed how America’s entire tax structure needs to be changed to make sure that white people pay more in taxes. Why? No reason is needed. Taking more from whites is an end unto itself. …

What are you going to do about it?

The essential first step is to stop being in denial. If you’re one of the tens of millions of straight white American men, you aren’t at risk of becoming a second-class citizen. You are not in danger of becoming a legally entrenched scapegoat for the nation’s problems. You are one right now.

Every college, every corporation, and every charitable non-profit in American life was already biased against you. Now, the very laws of the country aim at your marginalization as well. …

This is not a call for “white nationalism” or any of the insulting lies vomited out by the regime’s propaganda apparatus. The very suggestion that saying anything positive about white people is “white nationalism” is part of the sinister anti-white conditioning that governs America now. Americans are taught that almost any criticism of white people, no matter how deranged, is acceptable or even worthy of government funding, while any kind of praise is virtually off-limits. When that propaganda is allowed to flourish unchecked, it’s no surprise that Americans have meekly accepted explicitly anti-white laws.

Australia is (still) a predominately white country. Do you think the new USA will honor its defense commitments to us, the way the old USA would have?