Democrats’ Pre-Election Lies Are Unraveling

Democrats’ Pre-Election Lies Are Unraveling. By Stephen Kruiser.

Despite four relentless years of the media lying intensely about him, Donald Trump was still poised to be re-elected as we headed into 2020. Then the infernal Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu hit and the Democrats immediately sniffed opportunity.

The centerpiece of their early attacks on Trump involved painting him — and by extension his supporters — as a RAAAAAACIST liar for suggesting that the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan. From there they built the house of lies that enabled the race to become close enough for them to pull whatever shenanigans they did in November that got us to this point.

We entered a truly disturbing and bizarre phase where the American mainstream media was willing to take at face value any claims made by agents of the Chinese Communist Party, all the while rejecting and denigrating anything that was said by the president of the United States. It was a new low even for that group of professional bottom-dwellers. …

Only now the media has done an about face, admitting the obvious truth that covid was almost certainly cooked up in the Chinese bio-weapons lab in Wuhan. Using funding provided by the US, through none other than Fauci. As we mentioned here early last year.

(Mind you, the media are still saying it was of course released accidentally. They have yet to consider the possibility that some bad actors may have leaked it deliberately, then forced the people fleeing Wuhan to fan out across the globe instead of within China. While pushing the ideas that (a) it was “only the flu” to the western right, and (b) that “closing borders is racist” to the left.)

The pandemic was a godsend to Biden and the Democrat Media Complex knew it. It gave him a one-note campaign. He didn’t have to grasp and talk about complex policy issues. He had an excuse to abandon the rigors of a presidential campaign and stay home and make the occasional video appearance from his basement. All he had to do was bark, “Trump! Virus! Bad!” and DOCTOR Mommy Jill would let him get back to his Legos.

Dem-friendly media of both the mainstream and social variety went to work feverishly to make the magic happen for Drooling Joe. They continued to discredit Trump and his supporters whenever they told the truth about the virus. Facebook decided that it was in the business of deciding what was and was not truth. The platform began yanking any content that went against the approved Democratic pandemic narrative.

There’s been a bit of a shift on that front too …

Facebook used to ban the idea of a lab leak, now the ban is lifted. What “new facts” are next?

The Babylon Bee’s prediction

The “new facts” line is rich. The facts were there in the beginning, they were just inconvenient for what Facebook was trying to achieve for Joe Biden.

It wasn’t just the truth about the plague that Zuckerberg and Company had to sweep under the rug. There was also the matter of Biden’s sleazebag cocaine freak son Hunter. When the really bad news about him broke late in the campaign, Zuckey, Dorsey, and the rest of the Hitler Youth began shutting down anyone who truthfully reported it. We were told that it was a nothingburger of a story and that Biden was the most innocent of lambs when it came to any of the Burisma stuff. That bit of fiction is falling apart now too …

When they weren’t lying outright, they were actively suppressing the truth. We’ve all got opinions on how many legitimate votes Joe Biden received last November (LOL at 81 million) but one thing is very obvious now: however many people actually did vote for him did so without complete or honest information.

Of course, the Dems and the MSM are all safe from repercussions now. The Oval Office fix is in.

We’ll never trust the media or the Democrats again. But heh, they won’t be needing our support ever again, will they?

hat-tip Stephen Neil