Hoist the Black (Lives Matter) flag! US embassies help BLM go global

Hoist the Black (Lives Matter) flag! US embassies help BLM go global. By Graham Dockery.

US embassies around the world will soon fly the flag of Black Lives Matter and campaign against “global racial justice,” expanding the global export of wokeness as official policy that began with the rainbow banner of LGBT+.

George Floyd was killed a year ago on Tuesday, and the Black Lives Matter message has since become official diplomatic policy of the US. That’s according to a memo sent out to US embassies by Secretary of State Antony Blinken last week …

The message of BLM is a little hard to pin down, beyond the “anti-racist” line its supports spout. Critics have alternately described BLM as “anti-white,” “Marxist,” “anti-police” and “anarchist” …

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris rode into office championing the BLM cause — with Harris in particular declaring in June that the group’s often-violent protests “are not going to stop after election day…and should not.”  …

It’s hard to imagine foreigners seeing a BLM flag hoisted outside an American embassy as anything but virtue signalling on a global level. It’s twice as insulting when one reads Blinken’s memo, and sees terms cooked up in US universities to describe US-specific problems, ready to be deployed in their own countries. Given that the emergence of BLM has soured race relations in the US, the idea that transplanting its symbols and messaging halfway around the world would work is laughable at best.

Yet that hasn’t stopped the State Department from trying. Under the Trump administration, the US embassy in Moscow flew the rainbow flag and proclaimed “LGBTI rights are human rights. Human rights are universal” on Instagram, despite the Trump administration reserving flagpoles for the US flag alone. The embassy got around Trump’s guidance by hanging the multicolored banner from a window. During the Obama administration, the flying of pride flags was encouraged, a policy that Biden has resumed.

BLM has become an official US mascot, and pursuing global racial justice is an official policy of the Biden regime. But does this even make sense outside the US situation of blacks imported as slaves? Surely they can’t be that arrogant or dumb?

hat-tip Stephen Neil