Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Law Equipping Floridians to Fight Big Tech Censorship

Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Law Equipping Floridians to Fight Big Tech Censorship. By Hannah Bleau.

“We are now though in a situation where we have things that, I think, were probably unforeseen by the Founding Fathers,” the governor continued. …

“I would suggest the monopolies today, these Big Tech monopolies, are exerting way more influence over our society than the monopolies of the earliest 20th century, which led to anti-trust and a lot of trust-busting,” DeSantis said.

Platforms, he continued, have become a “public square” but now act as “enforcers of orthodoxy,” suppressing ideas “that are either inconvenient to the narrative” or ideas they “personally disagree with.”

So DeSantis passed SB 7072, a law to equip Floridians to fight back against Big Tech censorship:

According to a summary provided by his office, all Floridians “treated unfairly” by Big Tech platforms “will have the right to sue companies that violate this law — and win monetary damages.

This, his office claimed, will prevent “Big Tech bureaucrats from ‘moving the goalposts’ to silence viewpoints they don’t like.”

His administration also claims the law will prohibit Big Tech from deplatforming political candidates in Florida. There will be real, monetary consequences for those who move to deplatform Florida candidates, they say, including a $250,000 per day fine for platforms shutting down statewide candidates and $25,000 per day fines for non-statewide candidates, which the Florida Election Commission (FEC) will impose.

“Any Floridian can block any candidate they don’t want to hear from, and that is a right that belongs to each citizen — it’s not for Big Tech companies to decide,” his office said:

“Florida’s Big Tech Bill gives every Floridian the power to fight back against deplatforming and allows any person to sue Big Tech companies for up to $100,000 in damages. Today, we level the playing field between celebrity and citizen on social media.”

When people look back on this period of history, DeSantis said, two issues will be at the forefront: The efficacy of coronavirus lockdowns and the origin of the virus, using those as examples of Big Tech’s influence and impact.

“Now we have information that this very well may have emanated from the Wuhan lab, that it was a leak from the lab. But you remember when people last year were raising that as something that needed to be investigated, they were deplatformed for talking about the lab leak,” DeSantis said.

Last year big tech silenced anyone who suggested that covid came out of the Wuhan laboratory, labeling it as misinformation and a conspiracy theory. But what would they know, and whose water are they carrying?

Big tech has already made the visibility of the Wentworth Report very low, leaving us free to pursue the truth without being influenced by the possibility of big tech reducing our clicks.

In early 2020, the Wentworth Report was already saying that the virus almost certainly was cooked up in the Wuhan bioweapons lab, and that Fauci funded part of that research.

Then all of a sudden, in the last two weeks, the lab theory has become fashionable — probably on its way to orthodoxy — and Fauci has come in for some real questioning. Only a year too late.

hat-tip Stephen Neil