LGBTQ+ oppressors censor unconformable truths with cries of “I’m offended!”

LGBTQ+ oppressors censor unconformable truths with cries of “I’m offended!”. By James Parker.

Woke is spreading its tentacles even into our faraway corner of the world:

Albany Baptist Church in the southwest corner of Australia has agreed to host an evening where a small group will share stories of how Jesus Christ has impacted their lives. …

All but one of whom has previously lived and practiced as gay, lesbian or transgender — have now chosen to reject LGBTQ+ labelling as they say this no longer serves their lived realities.

Previously, their entire identity was limited to sexual attraction alone. Today, these individuals prefer to be seen as more than their sexual attraction, and they testify that this change in outlook and attitude has brought about a significant increase in their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Surely that’s good news for gender dysphoric and same-sex attracted people. Well, some don’t think so.

Some members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community have been swift to cry, “I’m offended” after publicity was posted briefly onto the Albany church’s Facebook page. The reason for the post’s swift removal was the barrage of bigoted, phobic and plainly untrue comments suddenly uploaded. …

The storm in the LGBTQ+ teacup are the words ‘beyond’ and ‘previously’ as the ubiquitous mantra of ‘once gay, always gay’ is yet again challenged from within its own ranks.

Two simple words are all it takes to persuade LGBTQ+ activists to force their banner worded ‘oppressed’ ever tighter against politicians’ faces.

The aim of these particular activists and their sympathisers is to permit no one to air opinions different to their own.

Their oppressive demands, now enshrined in some regional laws (QLD, ACT, VIC), seek to silence those who might still experience same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria from speaking of any greater libertyequality and mutuality they have experienced beyond the LGBTQ+ mindset. …

Responses to the questions ‘Who is the real oppressor?’ and ‘Who are the oppressed?’ are becoming more clear than ever. …

Stories the LGBTQ+ don’t want you to hear:

Stories to be shared will include an Aboriginal woman who has moved from childhood sexual abuse, a pattern of emotional codependency on other women, domestic violence, and a lengthy drug addiction to a life of being drug-free, finding healing and restoration, healthy interdependence, and strong relational boundaries.

A young man caught up in homosexual prostitution, drug abuse, severe depression and anxiety, mental instability, paranoia and agoraphobia who is now living chastely, engaging socially, and enjoying the best mental health ever.

A guy who spent two decades living as a faux-woman who had his genitalia surgically removed without any initial assessment to diagnose why he was experiencing gender dysphoria in the first place. His detransition story is one devoid of any bitterness, yet full of concern for the “conveyor belt” medicalisation of children as doctors’ cries to stop the mass mutilation of healthy body parts falls on the ears of many selectively deaf politicians.

Even the possibility of conversion is forbidden. Becoming gay is good, leaving gay is very bad. Like Islam.

hat-tip Damon