Being Framed by the FBI in the USA

Being Framed by the FBI in the USA. By the Z-Man.

In theory, [the Federal Bureau of Investigation] is the nation’s chief law enforcement organization, tasked with protecting the country against well-organized internal threats like organized crime, white-collar crime, and municipal corruption. This type of crime often spans state borders, allowing it to elude local law enforcement. …

Present reality is something different. As we saw in the Trump years, the FBI is a hyper-politicized organization that does little crime fighting. The people it arrests are more often than not victims of entrapment schemes. This was something else that was made clear during the FBI’s seditious plotting during the 2016 campaign.

It is not unreasonable to say that the main role of the FBI is to create entrapment schemes in order to snare the gullible and stupid.

This is a recent example of how the FBI brought down some “white nationalists.” In reality they created the entire plot and then talked some slack-jawed yokels into going along with it. The idiots entrapped in this case went from being local losers to domestic terrorists, because setting up a group of idiots is easier than solving real crimes.

This is not a recent phenomenon or even all that unusual. Here is a story about how the FBI talked a suicidal pizza delivery man into believing he was joining an Islamic terror group. Further back, the FBI recruited members of an Occupy Wall Street camp in Cleveland into a plot to blow up a bridge. The primary conspirator was an FBI informant, and his partners were FBI agents posing as explosives dealers.

The pattern over the past twenty years is obvious. Having ignored all of the warnings about the 9/11 plot, the FBI spent the following decade entrapping and framing people with names like Sami Osmakac as Islamic terrorists. This made the political class happy, and it made the Bureau look good to a gullible public. It is not unreasonable to say that the FBI was an entrapment machine for the decade after 9/11.

Now they have shifted gears to targeting and framing “white supremacists” because the politicians are shrieking about that now. Even though the targets are different, the same basic scheme is used.

They hatch a plot to commit some outlandish crime and then fish around online until they find some suckers. Once an informant can get them to agree to the plot, the FBI swoops in “just in the nick of time” to foil the plot.

Those with longer memories or a greater sense of history will note that the FBI was doing this stuff in the 1960s and 1970s. The Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) was an FBI program to infiltrate political groups and encourage them to commit crimes or take positions that could be used by a complaint media against these groups. Then as now, the primary role of the FBI was to invent criminal conspiracies that they could solve to great fanfare.

Now the FBI serve their political masters by inventing and capturing “white supremacists”. Have you ever met a white supremacist? I haven’t. But apparently they’re all over the place now. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

Glenn Reynolds:

White supremacy is so essential to their politics that if it doesn’t exist it must be invented: Team Biden keeps hyping a basically phony ‘domestic violent extremism’ threat.