The Truth Behind the Partisan Machinations of Facebook’s ‘Fact-Checkers’

The Truth Behind the Partisan Machinations of Facebook’s ‘Fact-Checkers’. By Paula Bolyard.

The worst thing about these witch-hunts-disguised-as-fact-checks is that the fact-checkers almost always win.

While we can and do appeal their decisions — which can result in significant declines in traffic and revenue, not to mention the time wasted going back and forth with them, when they bother to respond at all — they always come back with some version of “our scientists are right and yours are wrong.”

When they do respond to our appeals, they make ridiculous demands: Retract the article (with a note apologizing for the “error”) or rewrite it to say what we want it to say (and throw in an apology while you’re at it).

The Ministry of Truth will not be defied — and they won’t settle for sending the article down the memory hole, either. They want everyone who clicks on the article to know you retracted it and that you’re sorry about it.

The left’s trick is to own the bureaucracy that funds most science research nowadays. Scientists have mortgages and kids like anybody else, and the universities are always churning out more scientists than funding. So the government bureaucracies just makes it known that they only fund scientists who give them the answers they want. “Look, there’s a consensus! All reputable (i.e. government funded) scientists agree with us,” they cry.