Why Hamas launched the latest war, and how they got played

Why Hamas launched the latest war, and how they got played. By James Dunnigan.

The last Palestinian elections were in 2005 for President (won by Abbas of Fatah) and in 2006 for their Parliament (won by Hamas).

Hamas and Fatah are under enormous pressure to hold elections that will once more produce a unified Palestinian government.

Hamas thought attacking Israel again would help Hamas win this election. But a week after starting that war Hamas now sees it will more likely end in another humiliation and make it more likely that Fatah will win the election. The Hamas war also puts more pressure on both rivals to delay the elections until they were certain they will win. That meant the elections will never be held …

Oops! Played by Israel:

On May 12th …several Israeli combat brigades [moved] to the Gaza border … followed by the announcement that Israeli ground forces had moved into Gaza. Israel knew that the Hamas war plan mandated that all senior leaders head for underground bunkers or tunnels when this happened. The ground assault was not happening but Israeli airstrikes soon took place with over 400 smart bombs and guided missiles used in less than an hour. Many of the smart bombs were of the ground penetrating variety. …

Since 2014 Israel had developed new tech for quickly finding underground bunkers. In addition the Israeli informant network inside Gaza had paid a lot of attention to where the new Hamas underground tunnels and shelters were. Hamas finally realized all this when dozens of their underground shelters, now full of key Hamas personnel, were damaged or destroyed by the ground penetrating bombs. These bombs were all delivered, against over a hundred Hamas targets, in less than 40 minutes. That made it difficult for Hamas personnel in the shelters to get word to get out of the shelters because Hamas had been the played and the shelters had become traps from which many Hamas personnel did not escape. …



Islam traps its followers in conflict:

The culture of resentment, especially against non-Moslems, still survives in Israel as it does among Moslems, especially Moslems living in the west. This is a known, and major, flaw with Islam which is the only major religion whose scripture mandates continuous violence against infidels (non-believers).

The Islamic scriptures make it clear that the mere existence of infidels is a threat to Islam and must be attacked, no matter what the cost. Most Moslems ignore this aspect of their religion, at the risk of being declared a heretic if conservative Moslems near them who decide to get violent and go jihad (war on) against any Infidels within reach. Many Moslems, including Gulf oil state Arab governments are openly seeking a way to reform Islam and eliminate this flaw which has been crippling Islam and killing Moslems for over a thousand years. This is a serious effort and one reason for making peace with Israel. …

Most of the damage in Gaza is by Hamas rockets exploding as they are destroyed, but our media won’t tell you that either:

The [Israeli] smart bomb attacks … trigger even larger secondary explosions from rocket stockpiles. Israel has been systematically working down a long list of known or suspected rocket storage sites. Few are at above-ground military bunkers or warehouses. Many are under civilian facilities or in residential areas. Israel calls ahead to warn residents of the target to evacuate.

Most of the explosive force usually comes from the secondary explosion, which leaves behind rocket parts and some intact rockets, which have to be carefully removed before they accidentally detonate. Secondary explosions from rockets stored in the tunnels Hamas has built since 2014 often cause nearby building foundations to fail and produce many collapsed buildings with no bomb damage.

All these visible evidence of Hamas military spending since 2014, with tunnels built using materials donated for rebuilding housing and infrastructure, is one of the reasons Gazans blame Hamas more than Israel for the damage. If underground bunkers were not filled with Iranian and locally built rockets, there would be less additional damage from secondary explosions. Hamas blames all the damage and casualties on Israel but people in the target area know otherwise as the evidence is all around them.

Hamas want to stop fighting now, but Israel will not cease until it has worked its way down the target list of Hamas military sites and perhaps made a ground invasion to destroy Hamas’ military. It’s all about the inevitable next war now.