Progress in anti-white racism: the latest development

Progress in anti-white racism: the latest development. By Paul Mirengoff.

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, has said she will base her decisions about which reporters can interview her on skin color. Only reporters with black or brown skin will have the privilege of one-on-one interviews with her Lightness….

Lightfoot’s goal is to force major media outlets in Chicago to make hiring decisions on the basis of race. In other words, to violate the law. …

I’ll conclude with a quote from Lightfoot that says it all. Of the press corps that covers Chicago, Lightfoot stated:

Many of them are smart and hard-working, savvy and skilled. But mostly white, nonetheless.

Their whiteness alone disqualifies them.

Blatant, unapologetic, illegal, by an elected government authority figure. But it’s happening.

Meanwhile Chicago goes from strength to strength in the murder statistics. Quick, change the subject.