Kamala Harris: Underpowered and Unliked

Kamala Harris: Underpowered and Unliked. By Andrew Stiles.

Some aides have been “surprised at how much work there is to be done” when it comes to educating Harris on policy issues. Even journalists have grown tired of the VP’s tendency to “retreat behind talking points and platitudes in public.” …

In many ways, Harris is merely a non-white version of Hillary Clinton. Both women are possessed by ruthless ambition, yet lack the necessary skills to succeed in politics at the national level. They are most comfortable when regurgitating talking points and platitudes. Objectively speaking, they share a knack for unsettling laughter and launched their political careers by dating powerful men.

Nick Arama:

Turns out even with all the media effort to spin for Kamala Harris, Americans still aren’t thrilled by her. …

The Economist/YouGov poll found that 48% to 41% had an unfavorable view of her.

While the poll was split along party lines, with Democrats having a 74 % favorable versus 19% unfavorable, and Republicans 84 % unfavorable versus 12 % favorable, it was the independent opinion of Harris that showing an unfavorable opinion of her, 57% to 32%.

That means one in 5 Democrats polled deemed her unfavorable, as did nearly 3 in 5 independents …

Naturally, a reporter came running to her defense, blaming racism and misogyny by Republicans. …

Just for comparison, at this point in 2017, Mike Pence was getting attacked regularly in the media, unlike Harris. Yet he had a 42.7% approval rating versus 41.4% disapproval.

Used sex to gain a Senatorial position in California. Rejected by Democrat voters in the primaries, but picked by Biden as the best black woman candidate available. Beneficiary of a rigged election. Yet she is in line for the world’s top political position, either if Biden dies or is too incapacitated, or as the likely Democrat candidate in 2024 (and possibly another rigged election).

Has there ever been a major figure in recent political history who did less to earn the support and respect of voters?

A reader adds:

Of course she would have to get the Nobel peace prize as soon as she becomes President — it would be highly sexist if she didn’t.