Don’t sell morality to the highest bidder

Don’t sell morality to the highest bidder. By the Z-Man.

This post in the … American Conservative … deal[s] with the privatization of authoritarian power, primarily in Silicon Valley. The argument put forward is that using the state to tame these rogue companies is morally wrong, so we have to find some new way to contend with these out-of-control tech firms.

B team for the left’s wealthy leaders:

The first thing you should notice is the style is exactly what we get whenever the topic of immigration in on the table. The obvious answer is dismissed. In the case of immigration, that means shutting down the border and cracking down on employers who use helot labor. The open borders crowd always says that is impossible or harmful in some way. Instead, they offer a collection of overly complex solutions that have no chance of succeeding but will keep the punditry busy.

In the case of Big Tech, we have laws on the books to put an end to this reign of terror, but enforcing those is socialism, according to the usual suspects. We cannot have that, even if it would work. Instead, let us have a twenty-year series of international commissions to study technical standards and pass a bunch of laws that no one reads, but have cool names like “Data Portability Act”. In other words, the people who cannot build a wall along the border are going to fix the internet.

Interestingly, the rodents from Conservative Inc. always use the same trick the Left is so fond of using, which is the false dichotomy.

  • “We can shut ourselves off from the world or embrace globalism” is how they frame trade.
  • “We can become a hermit nation or remain a nation of immigrants” is how they frame immigration.
  • Now it is “We can choose central planning or preserve an open internet” with Big Tech.

It is the same partisan game the Left plays, just tailored for a middle-class white audience. …

Of course, the author of the AC piece is clearly trying to strike the libertarian position, which is a blend of hiding under the bed and shilling for global capital. This is what is wrong with the libertarian-conservative commentariat. They are not interested in advocating conservative interests. Instead, they are focused on making sure their corporate donors are free of government interference. If that means the rights of conservatives are trampled, well “whoopsie!” …

You shouldn’t sell morality to the highest bidder:

This is the problem with subjecting everything to the marketplace. When the highest bidder gets to determine public morality, no one can ever question the morality of the highest bidder. Public opinion becomes another commodity to be traded, rather than a genuine exchange of ideas. …

One basic tenet of conservatism is that there is a transcendent moral truth. That means it is indifferent to the marketplace. it also means that truth itself is not up for bid.

Once you concede this point, you are no longer on the Right, but just another kiosk in the bazaar of increasingly bizarre ideas. The way to end the pirate’s cove is to shut it down and hang the pirates. That’s the starting point for conservatism, if it is to be anything more than another grift.

Until the Tea-Party-Trump revolution in the Republican Party finishes sweeping away the left-leaning GOP establishment, no effective opposition to the left will emerge. Along with the French, this revolution of the right is most advanced in the US.