Blame Joe Biden for return to pre-Trump Gaza

Blame Joe Biden for return to pre-Trump Gaza. By Greg Sheridan.

Biden reversed all Trump’s policies and all useful incentive structures the Trump administration … had shrewdly set up in the Middle East. The Biden administration restored more than $US200m in aid to the Palestinian Authority so Washington could regain influence in Palestinian politics.

How has that gone? So far, the main result is that Hamas has fired more than 3,000 rockets at Israeli civilian targets and Israel has necessarily responded. …

Hamas has intentionally engineered this tragedy for its own people in the sure knowledge of what would follow. No country in the world would fail to respond to 3,000 rocket attacks, and more continuing daily, on its civilian population. Hamas had wider purposes. One was certainly to re-establish itself as the leading force in Palestinian politics by being the most ­violently anti-Israel faction.

Another barrage of Palestinian rockets on the right, Israeli Iron Dome anti-rocket missiles on the left to knock them down (or at least, the rockets that will land in inhabited areas).

But it was also serving Iran’s strategic ambitions. The mullahs in Tehran are emboldened by the Biden administration running after them to reinstate the fatally flawed deal Obama negotiated with them in 2015.

Although Biden has yet to formally lift all sanctions, all the steam has gone out of the former Trump approach, and Iran has much more room to manoeuvre. It supplies the rockets, money and geo-strategic direction to Hamas.

Meanwhile, the Gulf and North African nations that made peace with Israel, or were considering doing so, see a much less reliable ally against Iran in the new Biden administration. Trump would comprehensively underwrite their peace agreements with Israel. Biden is much less enthusiastic about that. …

This is indeed the Obama paradigm recreated; constant regional conflict, Israel under siege, Iran empowered, the most extreme elements in the Palestinian leadership reinforced, new waves of conflict. If Trump’s policies had produced this mess, as the bien pensants unanimously predicated they would, he would not have escaped blame. Neither should Biden.

Trump leaves and the Biden regime takes over, and soon a Russian troop build-up is threatening the Ukraine, the Middle East erupts into violence, talk of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is suddenly all over the place, and even the North Koreans are back to their old ways.

Coincidence? Ask Jimmy Carter.