Survey: Woke ideas Only Backed by 20%

Survey: Woke ideas Only Backed by 20%. By Glen Owen.

From a recent UK poll:

The purpose of virtue signaling is to appear “better” than others. If everyone already believe something (perhaps because it’s true, or validated by centuries of experience) then you aren’t distinguished by believing it. Which is why the virtue-signaler activists are always pushing ridiculous ideas. They are special.

Thus, PC ideas typically are supported by the usual 20%, opposed by 50%, and the remaining 30% can be persuaded either way.

So it is always politically stupid for a mainstream political party to go woke. Leave full-on virtue signaling to the fringe players, like the Greens.

Sadly, the UK Labour Party, like mainstream left parties around the western world, is being pushed by its activists into adopting necessarily unpopular stances. If you haven’t seen this, have a sad laugh:

After the left abandoned the working class (too deplorable, all the “good” people from poor backgrounds have moved on and are wealthier now) around 1990, and became the party of the rich 1% and the professional class that services them, they lost their ballast. There is little attempt to do what the vast majority of people want. Now they believe any old thing, so long as it makes them more virtuous, richer, or more powerful.