Soldiers of France vs. Globalism

Soldiers of France vs. Globalism. By Douglas MacGregor.

Is a military coup really feasible in democratic France?

As breathtakingly inconceivable as Macron’s forced removal might seem, it appears that French military leaders are openly advocating the idea. French officers assert that the interests of the French nation, indeed, its very survival, may depend on Macron’s removal.

Growing numbers of Frenchmen agree. In the most recent national poll, roughly half the French population agrees with the military leaders’ argument for decisive action. What the larger French officer corps thinks is unknown, but the numbers of soldiers signing on for action is growing day by day.

Globalists in France, as everywhere, are enamored of building a Marxist dystopia. Many Europeans think they have largely succeeded. To Macron and his ilk, Frenchmen and indeed all human beings are replaceable and interchangeable. They insist that religion, race, culture, and language are meaningless artificial constructs and they seek to abolish national identities. It was this flight from reality that led Macron to open the borders of France in 2015, admitting tens of thousands of Muslims ostensibly seeking asylum.



In short order, Frenchmen soon discovered that the tsunami of Muslim migrants had no desire whatsoever to assimilate and, baffling enough, zero interest in ever returning to their home countries. Although Muslim migrants clearly sought to benefit from France’s generous welfare state and economic prosperity, they also demanded their own laws, their own schools, their own language, and their own customs and religion. These demands were accompanied by rising criminality in the form of terrorist attacks, violent riots, racially motivated rape gangs, and burning Christian Churches.

As the crisis spirals out of control, the French army — the last, true repository of national identity and French values — appears to be drawing a red line. The French, and the Western nations watching from the sidelines, face a truly gut-wrenching choice: Either act with force to restore French sovereignty or watch their nation perish.



France is the country furthest down the globalization/end-of-western-culture road. It will be interesting to see what happens.