New Australian School Curriculum Attempts Heroic Levels of Spin

New Australian School Curriculum Attempts Heroic Levels of Spin. By Keith Windschuttle.

The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority released the new national school curriculum for history from Years Seven to Ten. …

The most historically significant Australians:

The curriculum contains no mention of Robert Menzies or his political rivals John Curtin and Ben Chifley, or of any other of our prime ministers. No mention of other long-serving leaders such as Bob Hawke or John Howard. Yet there are plenty of names of other political identities that students will be required to study. Here is one list from the syllabus for Year Ten:

William Cooper, Jack Patten, Sir Douglas Nicholls, Lady Gladys Nicholls, Vincent Lingiari, Charles Perkins, Shirley Smith, Gladys Elphick, Essie Coffey, Joyce Clague, Roberta (Bobbi) Sykes, Gary Foley, Michael Anderson, Eddie Koiki Mabo, Lowitja O’Donoghue

There is no prize for guessing what they have in common. They are all Aboriginal political activists.

It reads like a wish-list straight from the Green Left Weekly. It endorses every one of the major claims currently being made by left-wing climate warriors, LGBTI advocates and indigenous activists. …

What makes this especially concerning is that it has been produced in a period when John Howard’s Coalition successors have held the reins of political power, and when all the members of the ACARA board responsible have been appointed or re-appointed by either the Turnbull or Morrison governments. …

This curriculum is aimed at teaching kids to hate Australia. …

Year 7 to be taught the following spin and half truths:

In Year Seven, the study of ancient Aboriginal society, now re-branded by this curriculum by the legally inaccurate term of “First Nations Peoples”, is compulsory and takes up half the course. The other half can be a study of either ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India or China. For the study of the First Nations, it lists the following (this and other dot-point lists are all reproduced verbatim):

# the development of innovative technologies by early First Nations Peoples of Australia

# how the ancestors of the early First Peoples of Australia are recognised as the first seafarers on record and how this is considered as one of the greatest achievements of early humans

# the technologically advanced societies of early First Nations Peoples of Australia and their highly sophisticated development of stone tools and stone knapping techniques

# First Nations Australians’ cultures as ongoing and dynamic entities that continue to successfully respond and adapt to broad scale environmental shifts as they have done over millennia and continue today such as Sabai Island and Western Cape York

# the absence within Aboriginal society of such technologies as wheels, pottery, farming and metallurgy were not signs that it was primitive. Such an idea comes from “now discredited” theories of cultural evolution. …

Australian aboriginals

The kids are going to be appalled when they later learn the truth  and compare it the BS they were fed. The numerous examples that would cause one to come to the opposite of the required conclusions are carefully omitted.

“Why weren’t we taught that?” they will say when they find out. Then they will realize their education was a farce of indoctrination.

They also come away quite ignorant of where our society came from and the issues that shaped it — a leftist’s dream, easy to manipulate with nonsense and cockamamie schemes, because they don’t know what’s already been tried.

Teachers can choose between covering the origins and growth of either Christianity or Islam, but don’t have to study both. This virtually guarantees that students at Islamic schools will gain no knowledge of Western history and its place in Australian society. …

In Year Nine, the curriculum returns to its central political objectives. It requires students to study the awful destruction wreaked on the First Nations Peoples by the evils of European imperial expansion. In a study of the “making and transformation of the Australian nation from 1750 to 1918”, students will study:

# the impact of invasion, colonisation and dispossession of lands by Europeans on the First Nations People of Australia such as frontier warfare, genocide, removal from land, relocation to protectorates, reserves and missions.

# the effects of colonisation, such as frontier conflict, and the massacres of First Nations Australians; the spread of European diseases and the destruction of cultural lifestyles [NB: diseases such as smallpox are identified as “European” rather than originating in Asia]

# the effects of sheep and cattle farming on the Australian landscape, such as loss of native plants, compacting of soil, and water run-off

# the forcible removal of children from First Nations Australia families in the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century (leading to the Stolen Generations), such as the motivations for the removal of children, the practices and laws that were in place, and experiences of separation

A very postmodern approach to truth, more lies than truth, especially the omissions. All about power and politics. By the time the un-PC truths that explain the current situation are ignored, there isn’t much left but self-parodying spin.

hat-tip Stephen Neil