Why Asking About Race Should Be Illegal

Why Asking About Race Should Be Illegal. By Adam Mill.

A person’s race should be irrelevant to virtually all interactions within society.

Yet, before I received a COVID-19 vaccine, a health worker required me to fill out a form declaring my race. How is it that it’s both legal and socially acceptable to require a person seeking medical care to first declare a racial status?

What is the purpose of gathering racial statistics at practically every official interface? We’re asked to declare a race when we apply for college, when we seek a bank loan, job applications, and countless other thresholds. Why? Is it to prevent discrimination? To “help” the disadvantaged races?

If that were true, then why don’t we require people to declare their sexual orientations, their religions, their disabilities? All of those characteristics are “protected” under the law and each suffered social disadvantage at one time or another. Yet we all seem to agree that any red-blooded American would bristle if a prospective employer demanded to know where you pray or whether you prefer sex with men or women. …

It’s illegal to ask a job applicant if she’s pregnant. It’s likewise totally unacceptable to ask if somebody is gay, or Muslim, or handicapped. An employer claiming to need to know medical history to prevent discrimination would be laughed out of court.

The whole purpose of asking about a person’s private identity is to perpetrate some form of discrimination, even if it’s out of a paternalistic desire to “help” them. It’s illegal to force “help” on a disabled person who hasn’t asked for help. And besides, government help should be based on the individual’s need, not race.

Asking about a person’s race should be illegal. Full stop. You shouldn’t be required to check the “other” box. You should not have to decline to answer.

Unless the employer can articulate a legitimate business reason for needing to know an employee’s race, it’s none of his business. The mere act of repeatedly asking Americans their race encourages resentment and racial division.

There are plenty of racially ambiguous people out there who are sick and tired of having to explain their family history just to go about their daily lives. Maybe your father is from India and your mother was a Polish immigrant. That’s private information and totally irrelevant to your skills and productivity as an employee. …

Those are private details. Nobody should ever be forced to discuss his race in the workplace, to apply for a loan, or to complete a class.

Amen. Amazing that we should be having to refight this battle in the 21st century. Thanks “progressives”.