Leaky Vaccines, Runaway Virus

Leaky Vaccines, Runaway Virus. By David Archibald.

Consider the parable of the chickens from this enlightening article on the virus by Adam Gaertner:

Marek’s disease, a lymphoma virus disease in chickens, is the best known example of leaky vaccines causing evolutionary escape. Long story short, the original virus was relatively mild, until flocks of chickens were vaccinated with leaky vaccines that, while preventing the chickens from dying, did not prevent infection. The virus engaged in an evolutionary arms race against the vaccines, which required frequent updates, and became more infectious and lethal over time. Eventually, the virus became so lethal that any unvaccinated chicken was certain to die if infected; the vaccine became the only means by which a flock of chickens could expect to survive an outbreak.

And so it has come to pass….

It is already being found that the existing vaccines are having lower efficacy against new virus variants such as the Indian strain and the South African strain. …

Mr Gaertner began his article with this vision:

When I first looked at the virus, I saw something horrifying. Deadly, permanent, recurring, and as contagious a disease as the Earth ever had witnessed.

His vision was this:

This virus is incredibly lethal …. the virus’ stunning combination of symptoms, targets, infection vectors and mutations cause absolute mayhem in the body. At first pass, the lungs are attacked; this leads to pneumonia, the degree to which is dependent on several factors, including racegender, and age. The damage to the lungs is caused by the immune system being induced to overreact with cytokine storms, with T cells ordering what amounts to a tactical strike on themselves, and the surrounding tissue, in order to kill the virus. That damage also reaches the heart, causing inflammation and tissue damage. During the course of initial infection, the virus also infects nerve cells, which are almost entirely out of the immune system’s reach.

It is that last part about nerve cells which is the most problematic, because it is where reinfection comes from. Mr Gaertner is worth quoting in full:

The ability to infect nerve cells is, while not unheard of, extremely rare. It is common knowledge that HSV integrates itself into nerve cells, effectively “hiding” beyond the reach of the immune system. HIV similarly hides in immune CD4+ T-cells and remains latent for years. Herpes is mildly symptomatic; breakouts occur occasionally, the immune system handles them, and the virus remains dormant. HIV, through a different mechanism, acts similarly, remaining dormant and latent for so long as the immune system, and any medical treatments, can keep it in check.

Neither of these diseases, however, cause such severe symptoms while in latency. SARS-CoV-2 acts very differently. Rather than remaining dormant, it continues to replicate, spreading throughout nerve tissue, no longer vulnerable to the immune system. While doing so, it also spreads back into the body and causes reinfection, 100% of the time. Due to the way the virus attacks CD4 immune cells, in the same manner as HIV, the body is unable to develop immunity. Reinfection is just as deadly, perhaps more so, and inevitable. Heart damage continues, and can be lethal. Pneumonia is actually milder upon reinfection, as the immune system is largely exhausted.

Eventually the Wuhan virus reaches the spinal cord and begins infecting the brainstem, which controls autonomic breathing. The loss of the brainstem is effectively the death of the patient; however, as the brainstem is largely concerned with autonomic functions, we may not even notice initially. COVID-19 patients in critical care were noted to be “unable to breathe spontaneously.” This occurs in 100% of patients.

In summary “we find ourselves with a virus that causes heart inflammationviral pneumonia, and brain damage, hides in the nooks and crannies of our bodies to reinfect us indefinitely, and is as transmissible as the common cold.”

Thanks Chicoms — you opened Pandora’s box.

The Chicoms were driven by the higher prevalence of ACE-2 receptors in Caucasian populations in order to develop a race-based weapon, seemingly not realising or caring that their creation would degrade human existence in perpetuity. ..

Artificial aging:

The SARS virus, from which the Wuhan virus was engineered, causes fusing of mitochondria. … Cells normally have about 2,000 mitochondria, more in muscle cells that have higher energy requirements. Degradation of mitochondria causes aging. …

Anecdotally, from a country getting to ‘herd’ non-immunity, “every over 40 we know that’s had this…looks older now. The young aren’t (for the most part) having this issue…in your 20’s…you have mitochondria to spare.”

Read it all.

Doesn’t Boris Johnson looked like he aged after covid?

It appears that covid-19 is nothing like the flu (don’t believe that Chinese propaganda). Instead, it is very likely a Chinese bioweapon that got released early, presumably accidentally. No wonder the Chinese welded people into their apartments to prevent it spreading — they knew what ingredients went into covid-19 and what it was designed to do, which we are only slowly finding out by bitter experience.

A race-based bioweapon has been released? No wonder the Chinese went diplomatically berserk when Australia called for a through international investigation. Just like the 2020 US presidential election, the relevant beneficiaries strongly protest their innocence, while simultaneously preventing any investigation and kneecapping any critics. As guilty as.

Race based? Permanent? If true …