Quarter million Sign French Letter Warning of Civil War, Demanding Major Anti-Islamist Changes to Society

250,000 Sign French Letter Warning of Civil War, Demanding Major Anti-Islamist Changes to Society. By Alister Riviere.

The French situation is interesting because France is the western country furthest along with the globalist replacement agenda. It started early, as a result of the Algerian War, and is now about 10% Muslim. People in the west often shake their heads and say that various changes are unsustainable and there will be a backlash — but nothing happens. Well, perhaps it is starting to happen now in France.

On April 21, thousands of French servicemen and women, including some 20 retired generals signed a letter warning political leaders that the country was heading for civil war as a result of the increasing threat of radical Islam. …

France’s Minister of Defense and the head of the French Army announced that they would sanction active duty soldiers who signed onto the letter …

As a result, thousands of active duty members of the French armed forces published another letter supporting their compatriots. …

Below is a translation of this second letter, which at the time of writing, had over a million signatures:

From the second letter (emphasis added):

We are part of what newspapers have called the “fire generation.” Men and women in active duty, from every branch and every rank, from different ideological backgrounds, who all love their country. They are our only honors. And while we must maintain our anonymity due to military rules, it is nonetheless impossible for us to remain silent.

Many of us have faced enemy fire in Afghanistan, Mali, Central Africa, or elsewhere. Some have lost their brothers in arms. They offered their blood to destroy the very Islamism you make concessions to on our soil.

Nearly each one of us has been a part of “operation Sentinelle.” We have seen with our own eyes our country’s abandoned where criminality has been accepted. We have seen some religious communities try to portray us as the enemy. France means nothing to them; at best an object of ridicule, at worst something to be despised and hated.

We marched as part of the military parades on Bastille Day and saw the crowds, welcoming and diverse, cheer us on because we emanate from the people. And yet, for months, we have been instructed to be wary of crowds in our country, forbidden to travel in uniform, turning us into potential victims, in a country and territory that we would, in fact, be able to defend.

Yes, our elders were entirely correct in their assessment and warning in their public letter. We see the violence in our towns and cities. We see the increasing balkanization of public spaces and political debates. We see the hatred of our country and its history becoming the norm. …

Yes, if a civil war breaks out, the military will maintain law and order on our soil because we will be asked to carry out that task. It is the very definition of a civil war. No one wants this terrible outcome, neither our elders nor us. But the truth is that civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well.

Our forefathers are the resistants of 1940, accused of sedition by people like you, who continued to fight while legalists, overwhelmed by fear, made concessions with the devil. …

Did all of our elders, those who forged our country, shaped its territory, defended its culture, received and gave orders in its language, fight so that you would let France become a failed state?

Stay tuned.

How do you think the left responds? Threats, of course. Persuasion and voluntary behavior is out, state coercion is in: Socialist Presidential Candidate Vows to “Purge” French Military After Letter Warning of Civil War.

*Edited. The tally is now 2 million views, and 250,000 signatures.