Woke is the new conformism

Woke is the new conformism. By Roger Simon.

An iron-fisted, ideologically extreme minority has our country under its thumb — play along or face ex-communication. This is stronger than anything in our history and almost identical to what we see and have seen in totalitarian countries. …

Most of what used to be called the common men (or women) in the street roll their eyes at “woke” — including even some silent, but browbeaten, Democrats — and do their best to move on, although many realize that “woke” and its sister “social justice” are in essence euphemisms for an ideology far more totalitarian than any ever in control of this country, communism. …

From Antifa to BLM (whose leader apparently identifies with the mass murderer Chairman Mao) to the willfully blind talking heads of left-wing cable TV, no one is as intolerant as the ”woke” folks. They break all domestic records in that regard.

Time to stop tolerating them.

Oh what the Internet has unleashed.

PS If something’s not woke, what is it? White supremacist, duh.