Australian conservatives stampede out of the Liberal Party

Australian conservatives stampede out of the Liberal Party. By Paul Collits.

Recent examples:

  • The Facebook-cancelled, Covid reprobate and general stirrer, Craig Kelly has gone to the cross-benches, ahead, no doubt, of either being shafted at his next pre-selection and/or defeated as an independent candidate in the federal seat of Hughes. A huge loss for the sensible centre of political life.
  • The ageing, big-C conservative warrior Kevin Andrews was dumped at his recent pre-selection in Victoria for a fresher face. … Andrews was also one of the few remaining links to the Tony Abbott-era still in the party. …
  • The promising young conservative and victim of online and real-life trolling by GetUp! thugs, Nicolle Flint, is abandoning a promising career in Canberra to get on with a life free from bullying by leftists, including — perhaps especially — by those who call themselves Liberals, but aren’t.
  • George Christensen, who held Dawson in Queensland for the Liberal National Party (LNP) in 2019, very much against the odds and in style, has announced that he will not stand again. …
  • The dynamic ‘arch-conservative’, Grace Tame-baiting Assistant Minister Amanda Stoker [lost] a Senate pre-selection in Queensland to the far less conservative apparatchik James McGrath. The latter was once described by Alan Jones as ‘the leader of the bed-wetters’. … He was not just a supporter of Turnbull’s. He has been labelled ‘Turnbull’s numbers man’. … The standoff between Stoker and McGrath [was] a fight for the ‘heart and soul’ of the party, with some gender politics and Queensland factional madness thrown in for good measure.

The pattern:

People routinely called divisive, controversial, ‘Christian right’ or arch-conservative by certain media outlets seem to be on the run from the Coalition, or worse, put-upon to vacate their positions so someone from the recently branded ‘modern Liberals’ can step in. This is the newly emerging Liberal party of Tim Wilson, Dave Sharma, et al.. …

While GetUp! focussed its cheersquadding of these modern-day wets on their ‘climate action’ and energy policy, they might equally have praised their overall left-of-centre, globalist, woke world-view that informs their policy positions on a far broader range of economic and social issues than just environmentalism.

Not to mention their faction’s increasingly successful efforts in ridding their own party of conservatives, often through pre-selections … Doing GetUp!’s work for it, you might say. Engaging in mopping-up operations to cancel the few remaining conservatives left after Abbott’s earlier execution. …

The stampede for the doors by traditional Liberals who have given up the fight, or who see it as now impossible to prosecute effectively in today’s Liberal party, is not a healthy development for those who crave traditional values, spine and rectitude from their elected representatives.

The woke are ejecting the non-woke from Federal politics in Australia. Our leadership has become a clergy, in love with certain fantasies. Like Iran, only woke not Islam.