The US Goes Whole-Of-Government Against China

The US Goes Whole-Of-Government Against China. By David Archibald.

The sense of Congress, that is both houses, is that the Chicoms are very bad people indeed. A bipartisan effort in the Senate has produced an act entitled called the Strategic Competition Act of 2021. …

Under the act, the head of every Federal department and agency will designate a senior official at the level of Under Secretary or above to coordinate the department’s or agency’s policies with respect to strategic competition with the PRC. …

Some people are now taking the Chicoms at their word, and are saying that war is inevitable. For example retired US Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges has said

I am sure that we are going to be in a kinetic conflict with China in five years. I hope I’m wrong, but I believe within the next five years there’s going to be a kinetic conflict — missiles, submarines, aircraft; not so much land operations. … It’s just about inevitable.

Meanwhile, perhaps it’s not Taiwan that will be the target, but Vietnam:

In 2016 the Chicoms started building a PLA base dedicated to the invasion of Vietnam, across the road from a pre-existing base. We know it is an army base because of the running track. The larger buildings are for storing tanks and artillery and hiding them from satellite surveillance. The long, narrow buildings are for accommodation. There are no amenities because the Chicoms wouldn’t expect them to be there long.

It won’t be over Taiwan because that would be too difficult. The threats against Taiwan are just misdirection by the Chicoms, as shown by the fact that not a single cubic metre of concrete has been laid on the mainland opposite Taiwan to aid the invasion. The Chicoms have laid plenty of concrete for their attacks on Vietnam and Japan though. The Chicoms will lead with an attack on Vietnam, a country whose constitution forbids having military alliances with any other country. Japan will come to Vietnam’s aid and then it will be all in. The Chicoms will be defeated, but the most dangerous phase will be their death throes.