We Are Dangerously Close To “The Tipping Point”

We Are Dangerously Close To “The Tipping Point”. By The Most Important News.

Many Americans (especially those on the left) seem to think that we can endlessly spend trillions upon trillions of dollars without ever suffering any consequences.

If that was true, why hasn’t any other society in all of human history ever been able to do such a thing? Unfortunately, the truth is that the United States is not immune to the laws of economics. Wildly creating money and driving up our national debt to absurd heights is inevitably going to crush our economic system. …

Even though we are already at such a dangerous level, the Biden administration wants Congress to pass another four trillion dollar spending package…

If more money is the solution, then why don’t we send out five billion dollars to every American citizen? …

Sadly, the truth is that our “leaders” are systematically destroying the value of our currency and are plunging us into an abyss of debt from which our nation will never recover. …

Nobody knows the exact moment when we will have passed the point of no return, but just about everyone can sense that it is coming.

Every single day, U.S. consumers go into even more debt.

And every single day, U.S. corporations continue to binge on debt as if tomorrow is never going to arrive.

State and local governments continue to pile up record levels of debt, and the federal government is literally stealing more than 100 million dollars from future generations of Americans every single hour of every single day.

We should be thankful that this unprecedented debt bubble has been able to persist for as long as it has, but there is no way that this party can go on forever.

Soon it will end, and that means that our current way of life will soon come to an end as well.

If everyone woke up tomorrow to find $1m under their pillow, how many would go to work? What would a hamburger cost in a month’s time? These long forgotten questions will come to the fore soon.