No justice in shaming innocent white boys

No justice in shaming innocent white boys. By Janet Albrechtsen.

Australian culture is becoming a carbon copy of the worst parts of American culture. On race and gender, we are well down the low road where white skin and male chromosomes are treated as prima facie signs of wickedness. …

Incident 1:

On April 21, a female youth worker from Kingston City Council conducted a session with Year 11 students at Parkdale Secondary College to discuss privilege, pronouns and intersection­ality. She asked the teenage boys present to stand up if they were white, male and Christian, and told them they were responsible for being privileged and oppressors. Not surprisingly, many parents and students are outraged. …

Why did someone seriously think shaming a group of students for their skin colour, sex and religion was a good way to educate them about serious social issues?

Incident 2:

The other incident happened at Brauer College in Warrnambool in March when male students allegedly were forced to stand up at an assembly and told to apologise to their female classmates for offensive behaviour on behalf of their sex. School principal Jane Boyle has since apologised. Again, that’s nice.

Woke is wrong:

But these episodes raise serious questions that won’t be addressed by an internal council investigation or a quick school apology. It is illegal under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act to vilify someone on the basis of their race or religion. … It is high time we learned what the law can do about educators who collectively shame boys. …

Remember that these exercises, if true, would have been discussed beforehand, likely workshopped and planned by a group of adults, then implemented. Both are so wrongheaded it beggars belief that someone somewhere didn’t say “hold on, rather than jumping on board a crowded high-speed train of wokeness, let’s think about whether imposing collective shame is the best way to address racial or gender injustice”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil