“At First Quietly, Then Much Less Quietly”

“At First Quietly, Then Much Less Quietly.” By David Cole.

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), a branch of the U.S. Department of Defense, was launched in 1971 as the Defense Race Relations Institute (it changed to DEOMI in 1979). But whatever the name, the mandate’s always been the same: pollute the armed forces with propaganda about how America is racist, sexist, “homophobic,” and an all-around evil place filled with Klansmen and Himmlers.

DEOMI employs a trickle-down methodology, indoctrinating base commanders who then pass along the propagandizing to their rank-and-file service members. …

The recent, successful change of leftist strategy that we now see all around us:

Via DEOMI, an arm of the DOD that practically no one had ever heard of, leftists tried to institutionalize critical race theory/white privilege back in 2011. They did it quietly. They were exposed, and they retreated.

In 2013, via DEOMI, leftists tried to preach that a white must never harm a black even if he’s about to slaughter an innocent person. They did it quietly. They were exposed, and they retreated. …

“Quiet” kept leading to defeats. As long as these anti-white, anti-West fanatics were operating under the radar and not “supported by a broader coalition,” GOPs and mainstream conservatives were willing to fight back.

“Quietly” basically cedes that what you’re doing would be unpopular were it done loudly. Thus, you’re essentially admitting that your foes have the public behind them. That emboldens your foes. An emboldened mainstream right happily and successfully went after opponents who seemed frightened of exposure to daylight.

So the critical race theorists and the Soros minions switched to “much less quietly.” They formed that “broad coalition” with like-minded institutions and they started acting with the balls-out roaring confidence of people with popular support (even though they didn’t have it).

If you’re confronted by a bear in the woods, you’re supposed to raise your arms high, because the dumb animal, thinking you’ve grown bigger, will run away. Because it has a small brain. But not as small as that of the average establishment Republican. So when the Western civilization-destroyers raised their arms and screamed, “Grrrrrrr! We’re huge! We speak for all people of color!” the GOP bears of little brain backed down.

We might offend all blacks! We’ll lose votes! We’ll be history’s villains! Corporate America’s tiny-brained mammals caved in a similar fashion.

DEOMI was a no-risk target. But Soros, BLM, and critical race theorists…gaaaaah! Look how TALL they are!

And now there’s no more need for DEOMI. Because there’s no need for “trickle down” anymore. All service members of every rank in all branches of the military are force-fed woke ideology (as conservative critics are attacked publicly, not privately). And “don’t shoot a stabby black person” is being forced upon police departments nationwide.

Loud worked.

Indeed, Soros often lost when he was acting quietly. But once his minions began screaming “defund the police” and “end incarceration” and “white privilege” at the top of their lungs with confidence, he started racking up win after win, not because his agenda had become more agreeable to voters, but because the boldness of his acolytes scared the GOP into thinking it had.

Go big and boisterous; act like you have a mandate. The days of the quiet, stealthy leftist conspirator are over now that it’s clear the GOP is so easily cowed by the illusion of “bigness.”

We should do the same. After all, the numbers truly are on our side.