The Sydney Writers’ Festival: so woke you want to call for blood tests

The Sydney Writers’ Festival: so woke you want to call for blood tests. By Alexandra Marshall.

Locals rarely engage with the Australian literary scene since it swan dived off into hardcore racism right around the time the government started throwing millions of dollars at it with no interest in the quality of its investment.

It is an open secret that arts funding is political, bestowed upon creators who uphold the preferred outrage rather than being genuinely talented or interesting. The result is a pile of well-funded political dogma masquerading as culture.

Naturally, the wider community shun the hundreds of authors who play a ‘Marco Polo’ game of screeching, calling to each other for affirmation across the abyss between the pages of their books. …

Example 1:

Woke? Those glasses are a clue.

“The parliaments are overstocked with both male and pale, what’s worse is it’s the direct inverse of who dies in our jails.” — Annabel Crabb

Says ABC presenter Annabel Crabb, in a racist and sexist remark. Don’t worry though, there is no chance whatsoever that our taxpayer-funded ABC is pushing fringe agendas for political activists. …

Example 2:

’Senate’ is from a Latin word that means ‘old man’.” — Mehreen Faruqi with Osman Faruqi.

Indeed, and thanks to those old men of the ancient world who began humanity’s path toward democracy, people like Mehreen can represent the people and be paid handsomely for her work – which appears to involve an endless tirade on Twitter about how much she hates Australia its democracy. A little gratitude for her historical betters might do Mehreen some good. …

Privileged people pretending to be oppressed:

The one thing that is clear from glancing at the content of The Sydney Writers’ Festival, is that everyone thinks they are oppressed while at the same time being adorned with money, awards, and fame for doing whatever they want.

It is an incredible type of ‘oppression’ to have a whinge platform sponsored by the New South Wales government, the City of Sydney, and the Australia Council for the Arts. Not to mention the accompanying list of ambassadors, champion patrons, platinum patrons, gold patrons, silver patrons, normal patrons, festival supporters, the board and staff. …

Meanwhile, their conservative literary peers are nowhere to be seen — shunned and silenced by the same community that preaches tolerance in print while creating a regime of ideological intolerance.

Critical race theory (aka anti-white racism) is the latest class marker, and a great way to get money from taxpayers.